Inside the movement of such a big trouble, of course, that cow family who is not deaf, immediately rushed in, the result saw the pair scene.
“This, this, this is how?!”Zheng shock of pale.
Cattle stake hurried to patrol Ginger Peach: “wife, daughter are you okay?I’ll go ask the doctor Laiqiao!”
Then, they Huangbuzelu hastily ran out, and this is his first child, learned that day ginger peach pregnant, and he did not know more than joy, even more trouble ginger peach little patience, he also endured, But now looking at a pool of blood on the ground that, then he is the child of ignorance have guessed the outcome, so at the moment, my heart will be like a cow pile earth shattering general, pain.
Jiang Tao Zheng hurried to help to the kang, this turned around and snapped GEN asked: “Yan Shi!what have you done?!”
GEN face of panic, hurriedly shook his head: “I, I, I did not do anything ah.”
GEN though that shrewish temper in the village is notoriously