For officials in Kyoto official, which is a special season, each to a year ago, when the pilgrimage will be the big summer palace, the organization of such an exhibition to celebrate the New Year banquet, when according to grade, consistent Minister , royal, they will be invited to give all the palace, of course, men and women are seated separately, the ministers with the emperor with the music, the women were by the Queen, concubine who entertain, not enough, there are many grades of ministers, 无锡夜网will be on St. hand-picked palace, if it was ordered, it was very honorable, can boast a small half-year.
  In short, whether Chodo, or among the people, all for the New Year, wandering busy again.
  General Pei House two girls of the family, naturally are eligible to enter the palace, and a month ago, the old lady would have been called Pei embroidered Square man for Pei Yuzhuo tailor tailoring, carefully prepared five or six sets appropriate clothing in preparation for the election after a try.
  ”Miss, I can help you set replaced.”Xiuyu very active, pulling Pei Yuzhuo to come in, so she did not want to miss down to pull got me, this can be changed four sets, will face low Miss the.
  Pei Yuzhuo helpless sigh: “It’s a difference you?”She especially miss lightweight men’s neat, and simple Zhaqi bun, and then look at their whole 南宁夜网body when passing grand bronze mirror, reflected, she would have a headache.
  She is pretty beauty, nice clothes for no sense of exclusion, to be now, she has been a full four sets of change, winter clothing, wear layers, can not easily, different color and pattern of clothes, but also to match the different shoes, hair st苏州桑拿yle, je