Pei old lady could not hear her voice, just laughYin Yin to open: “Your father know you want to attend the banquet, specially brought several sets of clothes, he asked the peddler, from the south of that band, and we may Kyoto fashionable clothes is not the same, you go try to see look does not fit together.”
  Pei Yuzhuo despair, so she watched Li Momo went over with a smile, since mahogany box dig up a set, two sets.Five sets, this does not end, do some fur collar, lace Waipi, and even several sets, and Kyoto is not the same style of gold.
  Your father can really “hurt” me广州桑拿网 Yeah, I really.Too, thank you very much.
  ”Yuzhuo, you go and change, do not live up to your father’s mind.”Pei old lady flattered to adjust the posture, continue drinking tea, ever since his son consent YuZhuo martial arts, but not as long as the customer, she can not wait to wear men’s clothing every day, a rare banquet, finally able to properly dressed under granddaughter, which to her mind can the United States, you know, a child can Yuzhuo good, let’s change sets on for several sets, not like now, we can only cherish every moment, taking advantage of this opportunity to see more beautiful granddaughter.
  ”it is good.”Pei Yuzhuo and Xiuyu a person holding two sets behind also followed by a Li Momo, ever since the martial arts, more stable under the plate, she was actually petrified rare, life and life to staggered, almost fell down.
  Far outside the city in the West was directing the army with the music, to spend the Spring Festival Pei Naochun do not know why, actually sneeze one by one, he pinched his nose, the bodyguard sent ginger tea and drink heart is very strange, these two days, clearly not low temperature, how he had a su深圳桑拿网dde