Although his father did not believe, you can hear her say pretentiously, but also what the Prince has been spent, but also what the two princes to the throne, is what he and Dairo were both killed the Prince of drag, much deliberation, there have been doubts emotions.
  She build on the progress, brains, think of those who have heard of the legend of the last generation, Prince began became public, she has married into someone’s home, her husband, just official career soon, get first-hand what the message, such as Hugh was later abandoned back home, things about Prince, is home to the forbidden word, she did not dare mention did not dare to ask, but 杭州夜网论坛for the father to shake, she must hold back my heart, since his father is intended to be dynamic, that is willing to have hit the snake with a stick Gu liang will say a few well-known thing, what Prince Palace murder people, flogging eunuch.If you remember correctly, these things should have happened this time.
  Then Gu liang will not look at his father, frowning, he said he would go to confirm those days, Gu liang simply too proud, in her view, can stand as long as the father of the team, her father had a prime minister, but also a promising brother, which would be the same as the previous life, met a ruthless husband, and finally come to a dead ending work.
  Can not Lehe Two days later, the father will overcast with a straight face back, he shouted to her study, severely rebuked the meal, told her, she said, everything is simply 南宁桑拿non-existent, what Royal Empress cats, but also a good in the animal park possessor; father Prince around, all of them are no reported injuries reported dead; even the Prince of Orient House spending, but also completely not high, very frugal, did not appear anything extravagant, shoulder to shoulder with