He dared to do?He can do?Gu Chengxiang immediately knelt down and apologized as he says he is hearing rumblings outside, and even sell a position sev上海419论坛eral sects disciples, to the Prince of loyalists with reading, just to care liang words, what he lost, and more went.
  Gu Yu Niang naturally still want to fight, she just thought that his mistaken, may be the father slapped, she would say a word, and finally was sent back to the house, began in solitary 南宁夜网confinement, in addition to excuses Buddha simply can not get out the door, if you want to see Pei Yuzhuo, it is no way of things!She had to pretend cute, dormant now, today palace banquet, before they get out of a chance.
  She had thought well, his stubborn father, she had to act on their own, today palace feast, look for opportunities and Pei Yuzhuo certain sets of cotton, not just Pei Yuzhuo time, she noticed Lin Shu Mother and maidservants in what is commanded, and later on Pei Yuzhuo laugh strange, Gu Yu Niang after guess who the other is the rebirth of the heart with the number, which Lin Shu Mother likelihood, is going to hurt Pei Yuzhuo, Oh, she should not even think to succeed in this motherfucker Lin Shu!
  It is also just a chance, can in front of Pei Yuzhuo, then brush face.
  ”Cousin, you can accompany me to look at it that 南宁夜网garden?”Lin Shu Mother little face pale, West Peng Xin do like,” I played little in poor health, and perhaps too many people, some stuffy chest, few people want to go to a place to take a breath.”
  Pei Yuzhuo hesitated for a moment, should be directly under, she was alert, does not mean nothing can be done, Lin Shu