Perhaps she too fast flash, Lin Shu Mother was actually a foot on the stone, so then a thud, fell down, one after another screaming, thump and the sound of water, wrapped together, particularly harsh.
  Pei Yuzhuo failed to react, to grab people, cousin has down, she never learned to swim – this year, the general did not learn this, she did not know the depth, not any tools around, can only squat, reach out Pull –
  ”Yuzhuo, what do you do if pulled down how to do?”Gu Yu Niang came from nowhere, shook her head disapprovingly at her, she was screaming, ‘someone out of the pool, ah Come on people -‘
  Gu aunt too late to stop her sister and Pei Yuzhuo their own dealings, and she knew the identity of the mother of Lin Shu, quickly make a girl cry eunuchs came, fortunate深圳桑拿网ly, it is not far away and banquets, and soon there are eunuchs over, scramble rescued the trembling of Lin Shu Mother, the Queen sent to the palace, while the women of that, it is already a boil.
  ”Yuzhuo, I will help you to tell the truth.”Liang Gu Gong table quickly,” we have seen, is that the forest girl you have to push you out of the way, she fell off, and you have not even met encounter!”She complacent, very proud, with such a half saving grace, after she finally tied to the top of the warships Kurtis!
  This response came Gu aunt, sister cheeky busy pulling over, and agreeable authentic: “If asked, we will tell the truth.”To see too many people, for whom they are unable to lie, but this Lin Shu Mother, how silly?Pushing people are not pushed it in?If this one was not, why do so many different things a.
  Has been sent to the pal深圳桑拿网ace of the Queen Mother Lin Shu like a monster, is spitting water, she was shaking badly, winter water all day long, really cold, she could not find a little cold