In the end matter how it became so?
  Before she could say, my cousin do you harm!When I woke up, be sure to let everyone know that your mind is how vicious!
  At this point consciousness is not clear Lin Shu Mother does not understand, the house in Queens, whether lords, Pei old lady, or the Queen, have learned that the whole matter, witnessed the scene, the less ladylike ten, everyone eyes no blind, after clearly see a shadow, somehow run up, telling them that shadow side of Wang Qianmian hit, just in front of that shadow dodge quickly, can do nothing.
  Lin Guojiu sweating cold sweat, how he did not think his daughter, was actually to murder his own天津夜网论坛 niece, you know, to Tianchi is running water, winter and fall once the water for a healthy body bone is not for little girls but to Half-Life, and his own hand distressed girl was wounded, on the other hand a little bit lucky – this is not his ruthless, if it is injured niece, estimated that their own daughter, you had better by a lot of punishment, which he bit brother, out campaign, only child out of trouble at the court, the emperor is not necessarily the gently.
  Pei old lady who had just been nervous, and she is now quite calm, but typical understatement: “Never mind lords, since nothing on the line Yuzhuo.”What would she say it right?She is not what charitable people, no matter Yuzhuo was not injured, almost killed, she was scared enough of, but she is not now ask this.
  ”The old lady, your mother is not sensible Shu.”Queen Mother busy for Lin Shu speak, my 杭州桑拿heart sigh, she wants people to probe the palace, beside the pool all day is certainly something fishy piece of land, combined with behavior Lin Shu Mother this time, the truth has long been clear, I do not know this young age, It is engaged in the effort and who does, really so many years when she was in the palace Baihun.
  ”Nothing, just.”
  ”Just what?”Queen busy questioning, she did a son, loved by the emperor, for fear of this thing to her an