”I am just afraid YuZhuo still frightened, Queen Goddess can help me and the emperor put on a mouth, etc. After years, I intend to stay for a while daughter to the West, and let her own dear father, to get along.”The old lady immediately Pei requests, she was door-ching, Pei Naochun even mention the emperor would not mind, but this risk, or to drop it down, now take a little girl in the house, almost own cousin pushed into the water, I can not go find my father?Besides, the Queen, unable to have children, in good condition, has always been very popular pet, pillow wind blowing, for Xia Rendi very useful.
  ”Yes, of course the line!”Queen thought wh深圳桑拿网at mattered thing, she agreed immediately,” and two days, and I will mention His Majesty!”
  ”Then thank the Queen Goddess.”Pei old lady drinking a sip of tea, said no more.
  She believed that her baby granddaughter will not be scared that something, normally in Yanwu practice, much more than this.
  The past few days, Xia Rendi some bruised and battered, first year to the end of the year, the concubine of you on the rivalry with each other, have to Bibi, who this New Year and he’s in a long time, plus all kinds of hair down to annual ceremony, written word blessing, even if the audience was off, busy enough.
  Finally finished their day, over and over again what the Queen said Pei general’s only daughter, almost off the water in the house, she did not say specifically, only vaguely say what side of the pond rock out, and bla苏州桑拿网ck road at night , it is said that the girl not scared Pei, less than nine years old girl, said to be the imperial doctor diagnosis and treatment of a fright, Pei said the old lady granddaughter wanted to go to the West to see his father, Xia Rendi so how do not agree, direct grant , and if someone is Kurtis himself, he also广州桑拿网 intends to send point Guards to protect it.
  No matter what, do not be an accident in the house, or two days in court, it is necessary to flying a memorial.
  That he just sat