”What?”He said without looking up.
  ”The slaves, slaves million dead!”
  Xia Rendi off the pen, frowning asked: What is the “million dead?”
  Xinrusihui eunuch, His Majesty obviously sent to investigate a censor’s dark guard, I do not know why, it’s that P深圳桑拿网rince took out a private guard raised dark lines, groped, actually work out.
  ”Prince.”That eunuch tears.
  ”Prince how the?”Xia Rendi immediately stood up, very nervous, Prince Edward but his most important son, do not is what happened,” quick report.”
  Eunuch heart of a cold, just swift death: “Prince, raising and dark Wei, Kuicha two princes, the three princes whereabouts, he also.”
  ”What he?”Xia Rendi great eyes open, fists clenched, he can not imagine his favorite prince, how would do so, clearly recently, Gucheng Xiang et al., It is the praise of his way of doing things.
  ”He also snoop Emperor track.”Eunuch Zhang Gui can not afford, ring head one by one, seeing blood on top there, it is scary, but he still can not stop, because it really is a big deal.
  Xia Rendi surprised, look directly stumble, fall sitting in his chair.南宁桑拿论坛
  ”His Majesty!Tai Yi Chuan – “eunuch screaming, shouting to people, very nervous.
  ”Do not pass.”Xia Rendi sitting in a chair, looks cold, seems to have the wind, so that the light tremble, his face flickering, and looked up to become unpredictable,” true?”
  Eunuch knees crawling forward, to Xia Rendi table, sent a memorial thick, on top of even the prince’s dark guard what few people were What is the name, clearly written, he would wonder, usually so clumsy bear Dongchang, how suddenly shrewd?But this was really smart wrong, this is Prince ah!
  The rave eunuch