”What do you Niangliang?So happy!”Ruan Guohua just out of the kitchen to find their own wife and daughter both smiling, his emotions are also a lot of fun.
  ”I boast good-looking mom!”Ruan answer rain, that said, Ruan Guohua also migraine looked in the past, in the eyes of the stunning nature without the slightest disguise, Nguyen wink to rain very natural given their own space and old father old mother.
  They were going to the city to work in the morning, Ruan Zhiwu and Ruanzhi Wen also go to school inside the city, just four people can go together hand in hand, the family did not bike, not only rely on the legs to go.
  This back and forth more than ten years, the not easy.
  Nguyen rain looked at four so far away, this folding back, and 上海夜网lay down on the warm kang.
  Zhou Xiuying was a diligent, plus a big year, less sleep, she played early, back yard plots were she to Sinong a lot, and so came back to finish breakfast, the family of people who are doing manual Lu one after another and ready to go.
  Zhou Xiuying granddaughter will know their own habits, it is natural to rain Nguyen bowl of corn gooey, separate temperature inside the pot next door, waiting for her to eat up.
  Zhao Xiaoling is always possible to sleep late, she was at home with children, but now it has to go inside work points in mind, though this is a relaxed dude, people from outside do not know how envy, but there will be a gap contrast, the thought of his greedy black get up early to go inside thoroughgoing, and was able to fool the old Ruan good sleep in warm kang, she was not feeling it, why so!
苏州夜网  With some impatience in Ruan Zhiliang Zhao Xiaoling behind, “sister, you do not Sheng Sheng, I do not Sheng Sheng looked!”
  Zhao Xiaoling pushed a staggering, immediately a smile on her face, “Chi Liang, you first hold it!”
  Ruan Zhiliang Lengheng soon, unceremoniously.
  Ruan brothers, only Ruan Zhigang and Ruan Zhiliang no reading, Ruan Zhiliang is a playful, county e