”what’s up.”Prince brow furrowed, was disturbed very bored.
  ”Your Majesty, Your Highness pass past, shun father was at the door waiting.”That little eunuchs to accelerate the speed of speech, on this point effort, sweat on his forehead all, and if it is to come北京风月网, that His Majesty is cis father, he will pinch point rack, save disturb Prince, the other party can be looked at very anxious.
  ”OK, which go.”Prince got up immediately, there will be attentive father to come next, help straightened his clothes, he strode straight in to a positive summer palace, was secret广州桑拿网ly wondering, thought to understand what to do with him early in the morning Fu Huang.
  ”Inverse, knees!”Prince just entered the temple, behind the doors will be firmly shut, the house is only one person Xia Rendi.
  Prince immediately knelt down, side luggage asking: “I dare Fu Huang, why so angry, do not be furious body.”His heart is a tight, do the authors is that the front end to the disappearance of small eunuch did not get clean, Fu Huang was found?
  ”Do not furious body?”Xiaren Di laughed,” you still do not know our mistakes?”
  ”Er Chen what is wrong?”Prince heart checked again and then again, after the former things are perfect, calm.
  Xia Rendi furious, a thickly memorial hurtling directly thrown in the Prince’s face: “Do not let me give you obsessed?”He turned our backs, breathing heavily, in fact, he had just met her and北京夜网 several of the minister of state, Gucheng Xiang kneeling in front of him like a long sob, he also impressed by it!If it were not this became public, he could not have known, that their own good son, how much good did?
  Sydney when North Korea threatened to ask for posts in ministries, reaching a long embrace oil, arrange four dark Wei, a good prince!
  Prince found it all quite r