”Wronged?”Xi深圳桑拿网a Rendi asked, his mouth twitched,” I have never been suspicious of my own son, no one thought, and finally Yanghuweihuan, Hu Du Gallic not yet, you get to prepare me?”
  ”Fu Huang, Er Chen urge you to investigate, Er Chen really is innocent, watching the emperor trace the matter, Er Chen is absolutely not daring to do.”
  ”We南宁桑拿ll, this is something we pass it over.”Xia Rendi asked,” Why do not you explain to me, Li Zhang, Jie Zhang and others post is how come?With their evaluation, how it is mentioned that this position.”
  Behind Prince has been soaked, Xia Rendi said a couple of names, it was his confidant: “Er Chen, Er Chen.”His brain is turning quickly, doing exactly the opposite,” When Gucheng Xiang, repeatedly watching the Orient House, after being arrested, then to Er Chen bought these official position, Er Chen shame, Shoubu temptation begins with the.”
  ”You mean, Gucheng Xiang, take a few official position to buy you, you heard the?”
  Xia Rendi exceptionally disappointed, even if the prince says this is true, what that means?It means that he’s a good prince, actually just a few little official position will be able to meet, on thi苏州夜网s vision, can become what climate?
  Besides, just Gucheng Xiang long honest account, his duties as prince division, its own supervision of Prince Edward, the Pri