Postpartum weight loss diets which have female friends after the birth of a baby is more prone to out of shape, body fat situation, so the topic of postpartum weight loss is a lot of female friends are concerned about。 So postpartum how to eat it more conducive to weight loss following small series to bring postpartum weight loss diets for everyone, so eating healthy to lose weight oh!Postpartum weight loss diet with a cup cantaloupe melon, eggs, carrots and celery。
After cantaloupe wash, dig up the seeds。 Beat eggs add a little water, carrots, peeled, diced celery。
Carrots, celery into the egg inside, then put melon。 Then into the steamer, and steam for the egg to be solidified。 Cantaloupe water content, easy satiety, high fiber is conducive to weight loss。
Prepare some vinegar mixed with lotus root lotus root, kelp, carrots。
Salt, soy sauce, vinegar and spices fructose。
Peel and slice lotus root, Sichuan hot water, picked up the drain。
Carrot slices, kelp soaked with water, brine, and then hot water。 Lotus root, kelp, carrots, add seasoning mix well and serve。
The recipe can be digestion product gas line, the gas Water。 Xiao Bian recommended more than two postpartum weight loss recipes, simple, obvious effect, postpartum mothers who may wish to try Oh!Cold tomato soup postpartum weight loss diet to prepare five tomatoes, half a cucumber, half a cup of green pepper and some onions, olive oil。 Tomato washed in a blender, then add cucumber, green tea powder, onion and olive oil, stirred for 20 minutes, then placed in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to eat。
Tomatoes are low in calories and contains dietary fiber may Colon Cleanser。 Fresh melon soup with mushrooms 200 grams of mushrooms, melon, an egg and salt, sesame oil and shallot。 Pot of water boiled into mushrooms, melon and the like was added three minutes after tumbling water, eggs, and salt, egg and chopsticks to a rapidly stirred dispersion, add chicken and sesame oil。