The picture shows the victim's blue picture shows the place where the couple overseas network January 17 electric Texas North Houston an upscale murder occurred, a pair of 61-year-old ethnic Chinese couple blue margin (BaoLam, transliteration) and Liang Jingjing ( JennyLam, transliteration) was murdered execution-style in the city within a secluded luxury home community。
Local Time Harris County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video of the incident on January 16, and offering a reward of $ 5,000 (about 32,000 yuan RMB) looking for two men appeared in the video。 According to the American Chinese news report, Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez (EdGonzalez) released surveillance video of the trouble at press conference。
Paragraph (NorthgateCountryClub) North Gate Community Forest (NorthgateForest) partition video shows at the north gate Country Club, about Thursday (January 11) 20:20, a black Lincoln Cruiser SUV into the area, two men alighted appear in front of surveillance cameras, and forward toward the door, then crawled under the door from the inside。
Then 8:40, the couple surnamed blue monitored photographed driving a Porsche returned home and parked the car into the garage。 Investigators believe the couple surnamed blue ambush in the garage, and the house suspects remanded。 Investigators said that at 2:30 on January 12, monitoring photographed the couple's surname blue gray Porsche leaves the cell, returned to the community in a short time the car until 6:30 before finally leaving the scene。
January 12, two men multiple entry blue house, the police could not confirm whether the man is to appear on the 12th day after the Lin family to enter the same man。
Police said, SUV's driver is African or Hispanic, tall medium build, facial blocked。 The driver and passenger come together male 6-foot-4-inch (meters), he was wearing a printed with "CC jacket, white pants, a dark-colored trousers, a light-colored trousers, his face was not covered。
Sheriff Gonzalez said: "This kind of waste (scum) must be removed from the streets, their brutal execution-style shot two men, two victims were the epitome of the American dream。 "Gonzales said the couple surnamed blue must have been eyeing person, the murderer is likely know both in private。 Chinese Consulate General in Houston on Jan. 16 said it has expressed condolences to the families of the victims, and pay close attention to these cases。 Chinese Consulate General in Houston Consular Affairs, head of Housing-group representation, are closely watching the case and has expressed condolences to the families of the victims。 January 13 evening, the bodies of the couple's surname blue home police found two hands and feet tied, death was gunshot wounds。
An unknown number of firearms in the home, jewelry and other valuables disappeared, including two of the 2016 gray Porsche car, the car on January 14 was found near a parking lot。 Blue surname couple's son, Richard, told a news conference, the parents of their "super hero" to accompany her every step of growth。
Richard said he thought the killer would know the chain's cash parents at home。 Richard said: "They (parents) should not be treated like this, they should have put everything gave the robber。 "Blue surname couple's daughter Michelle (MichelleLam) said that parents go so suddenly, they have not had time to look at his grandson and granddaughter。
It is reported that the blue and Yu Liang Jingjing from China Taiwan and Laos, respectively, moved to the United States in the 1970s, after the university engaged in excessive job, after the start of business, by business sandwich chain Subway (subway) started。
Both business is very successful in the Greater Houston area operated a total of six Subway stores。 Lin put a couple decades charitable cause, a senior local volunteers Jade Buddha Temple。
Local Chinese media said the couple blue to represent their friends in Houston, friends, couples Blue's family is currently in great grief among, if not necessary temporarily to not disturb them。 And referred to the police not allowed to freely outside their families say anything, waiting for everything to be the case more clearly before they can be released。 According to overseas network previously reported, Houston, Texas, the mysterious murder occurred, a pair of 61-year-old ethnic Chinese couple in the city was execution-style murder of a secluded mansion within their own communities, Houston authorities are investigating the case。 According to the "Daily Mail" reported that 61-year-old Chinese man Yu and Liang Jingjing blue Saturday (January 13) by the police found dead at home in Texas。
Police today received two calls Richard's son, Richard alleged to have been a few days can not get in touch with parents。
Richard said his parents' house, no one answered the door or answer the phone, he looked through the window and saw the house was ransacked, then the police。 Police arrived at 21:00 the two houses, broken windows into the room when the police arrived, the two men found the first floor of the morgue, the bodies were tied together and was shot, he believed that the two had died over three days。
A quiet residential incident in Houston and there is security community, property worth millions of dollars, only 18 houses in the community, and there is gated。
Home has been ransacked traces, firearms and other property have been not a trace。 Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez said: "The scene is very chaotic, furniture was overturned, the cabinet is opened, the police will take some time to sort out the field。
"According to investigators said the case of non-random occurrence, they believe that Blu-ray Yu and his wife drove around the parking garage at the home on Thursday (January 11) 20:40, was ambushed。 It is not known whether the case is related to money, Blu-ray has a margin of six sandwich chain in Houston。
Police on Monday (January 15) has started collecting surveillance video near。
The police office said investigators surveillance video may be released this week, and appealed to the public, if you see any unusual things, please call the Harris County Sheriff's Office。
Killed the couple's son, Richard upload parents of photos on Facebook, along with Wen Cheng: "I can not imagine the pain, I never have a chance to say I love them。
"A neighbor said in an interview:" Then a terrible thing happened, I am very worried。 "Another neighbor said:" He used to always bring sandwiches for us to eat。
I have not seen them for a few days, and now I'm scared。 "(Overseas net Zhu Huiyue)。