Genoa sporting director Diego – Perinetti has not ruled out the possibility of joining Rome Palin, the face of media inquiries, he said that Rome should ask the Director of Monkey。
  According to previous news, due to the possible sale of Allison, Rome therefore possible to introduce Palin as a substitute, Genoa also did not seem to reject the transaction。
  Genoa director, said: "I think the Monkey should stand up and say Rome wants Palin。 They have a superior strength of the goalkeeper (Allison), which is attractive to many giants of attention, so if Rome sell Allison, we need to know who to go to Rome to replace him。
"" I have said many times, Genoa will try to keep Palin, because he is a great player, but it is clear that we can not guarantee that other European teams joined the fight。 If Palin leaving the team, I hope he can at least stay in Italy。 If you want to Sarah Palin Rome, you better ask Monkey。
If you want to Sarah Palin Naples, you should ask Qiongtuo Li。
"" So far, we have not negotiate with the club Palin, we will not negotiate before the end of the season。
He is a great goalkeeper, he can play for big teams, we do not know which teams will be interested。
"(From the Stanford football off)。