China Association of Amusement Parks on behalf of the president, the general manager of OCT Group Co., Ltd. Yao Jun opening ceremony that the world economy has shown recovery trend, better-than-expected economic growth。 China's socialist entered a new era, social conflicts have transformed the conflict between the inadequate development of a better life for the people's growing needs and unbalanced。 Chinese amusement industry of high-quality development and create more space for the entertainment of happiness, a better life of the people。
At the same time, China's huge market has attracted the attention amusement world, fair after 30 years of development, it has become Asia's largest and most influential professional play event。
  According to statistics, in recent years, to participate in the China International Fair amusement facilities and equipment are supplied from the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, South Korea, more than 40 countries and regions, more than 30 domestic provinces, more than 500 amusement parks and scenic spots , developers and sellers of professional groups, fair turnover of 50 billion yuan。
  As an industry organization, China Association of Amusement Parks adhere to the "service members, service industry," the purpose of the foreign exchange industry, construction standards, member companies brand building, investment and financing, and many other aspects of continuous efforts, and guide enterprises to focus on trends, tight with change, improve the comprehensive competitiveness, promote common prosperity and development of the industry to contribute to the goal of China's strong up。
The next fair will be held at the Shanghai Expo Center on October 21-23。