Democratic Congressman Zhao Maxim (JudyChu) with fellow Democratic Rep. LucilleRoybal- Arad, recently in Pasadena "Republican tax fraud GOPTaxScam" propaganda meeting, invite experts to explain the significance of the new tax law for the people of Southern California, as well as economic impact of possible future。 Zhao Maxim pointed out that the Republican Party to develop the new tax law is too short, so a lot of people confused, not knowing how to plan for the future of financial planning。
To this argument, professionals believe that the situation "not so serious", and "because of income differences"。   Zhao Maxim said, Republicans hastily booked law will not only reduce corporate taxes and minority of the rich, so that the average family's tax increase up, let the rich more money。 Zhao Maxim stressed, has proposed an amendment to ensure that tax reform can actually be beneficial public, but each time the Republicans were repulsed。 LucilleRoybal – Arad also believes that the new tax law in general have a negative impact on families and middle-class families。   Accountant surnamed Shi said Zhao Maxim's nothing wrong with saying, "but it should be because of people from different income"。 As a large impact on the residents of California, California State because of high taxes, state taxes and property tax is now only arrived up to $ 10,000, will affect the use of some of the original itemized deductions taxpayers, "especially for the high-tech industry in California or high-income bachelor "very unfavorable。   For Zhao Maxim's reference to "tax reform to make the rich richer," said the accountant, Trump want to remove any estate tax in the new tax law has not been completely removed, although the estate tax, but will increase the estate tax allowance to a person 1120 million dollars, which is twice the $ 549 million for a person in the past, "in fact, most people even $ 549 million for allowances are less than" so rich indeed more favorable on the inheritance tax。
But tax reform will cut the top rate overall, there are still people benefit。