What to eat Daquan?Is a velvet, very expensive, but we all know how to eat velvet Daquan what it?Following small to talk about antler with you exactly what to eat Daquan。
Eat antler velvet Daquan sparkling wine is a major Chinese tradition, the drug bubble into the liquor, drugs penetrate the essence of the wine, the wine helps to move qi, drugs will soon play, the line to the body。 After the wine can also velvet, velvet added to the 50 degrees above the liquor soak for a period of time, to be enjoyed。
You may also be required, adding other ingredients soaked with。
Miss Xu revealed a little Cheats, sparkling wine must use raw slices of antler, this wine more effective。 Velvet cooking is a great method of physical health, this is a great tonic velvet good food。 In the south, velvet and other herbs add the chicken, duck, goose or other fine with simmered stew, drink the soup, also has a strong tonic effect。
Not only is the soup, velvet may be pulverized into powder, the addition of other dishes。
Sparkling wine velvet mill no time, no time to soup, there is a way to solve everyone's troubles。
That is the velvet ground into fine powder, before going to bed at night, with wine or salt water delivery service antler powder。 Convenient, and also have a good effect。 Identification of antler velvet antler eat Encyclopedia angle is dried immature male deer or red deer stag head hairs with not ossification。
** large fine precious blood of Chinese medicine。 Deer, red deer after giving birth 8–10 month-old male deer, frontal projection began to form a long dried basis, after the age of 2 feet, bifurcation velvet, velvet 3 – 6 years preferably born。 Antler is a valuable medicinal herbs。 Velvet bonded phospholipids, glycolipids, plastic resin, hormone, protein and fatty acid ,, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other ingredients, more than half of the total amino acid composition wherein component。 Velvet and warm but not dry, with exciting and improve the body function, general weakness, after a long illness patients, a better physical role。