Not only because IE is because the work environment more paid jobs, but many people do not see a lot of people are now living in very envious of white-collar work white-collar hard work, long sedentary, you can not exercise, but added cervical spine disease, and share with you the proper way to exercise。
On line one step, eat two dynamic balance which is the most appropriate description of the image of the movement, he said that the Chinese people to pursue the overall goal of 10,000 steps per day。
Everyone should determine a degree of movement of the most appropriate according to their own situation, the body achieve a healthy balance。Depending on personal health, physical fitness, ability and other conditions, poor health or less daily activities of people can begin to fill from the target instrument knife-step, while ordinary people remain above the recommended level of 6,000 steps。Less than 10,000 steps a day of sport also has a role in protecting health; and greater than 10,000 steps a day exercise, under the premise of a moderate, for more effective health promotion。
Therefore, the amount of exercise is the principle of individual choice.Move is beneficial, hyperactivity better "。You can reach the target by moving three areas, including: ① daily life and work activities, such as sweeping, moving things: ② walk or ride bicycles exchanges, including up and down stairs; ③ physical exercise, such as running, swimming。Living, travel and physical exercise consumes energy, high-intensity exercise time can be shorter, less intense exercise time should be longer。
12 minutes jogging and brisk walking 28 minutes are quite $ 24 thousand steps of activity。If there were less opportunities for work activities, commuting can think of ways to walk a few steps: If the car in a hurry to go to work every day, you can find spare time to supplement physical exercise。View previous chapters exercise estimate table, you can choose a destination based on their current amount of exercise, and try some active time adjustment table movement, informally distributed combined to make your sport colorful。Step by step, step by step feeling strong.Bit safer if you exercise your usual activities rarely a good idea to listen to the doctor's advice to see what activities from the start is right for you。
At the beginning of exercise, choose a little hard to feel relaxed or strength, to give yourself enough time to adapt to changes in activity levels, and then gradually increase the intensity and duration of activity。
Learn to exercise their bodies in life is very important, to have possessions million consistent, first of all have a good body, the saying goes: the body is the capital of revolution, we seized political power is a prerequisite, it is a good exercise it is necessary and very important。Do not eat spicy food, and do not do strenuous exercise, do not do very tired physical labor, should pay attention to bed rest, especially to the cloudy rain, pay attention to properly protect the joints, but also eat some protein-rich the food, the body will slowly healing。