Between fleeting, summer vacation is already past.Memory, everything is vague, except that serenity and peaceful campus Midsummer Night!    When the hot sun disappeared below the horizon, the air becomes restless Wen Shunqing when it was new, my heart unknowingly flew down the tree-lined campus, the side of the road.It seems midsummer night has become a long night my partner and accompany me to sleep with pleasure!Day midsummer, the sun late fall, soon after the sun goes down, the night will slowly come, to be the night before the arrival of the moment, I stepped out of the house, shelter in this quiet and relaxing campus.Because it is summer, deserted, without the hustle and bustle of weekdays; because that night, when the rest, they will not have a busy day.At this moment, walking alone in this beautiful scenery, the hard work during the day, the hearts of depression also vanished, leaving empty the mind to accommodate the serenity of the Midsummer Night.    University of street lights, warm yellow light emitted from afar, like two Jin Yi, but life does not always accompanied embracing.That light, some cracks are exposed from the roadside trees, listless, like early man’s eyes; some draw a beautiful picture on the ground, as if an imaginative painter; some bright suddenly lit the dark down, but suddenly lit up self-care, like a lullaby, soothing and long!These people do not need when waiting alone in the street in silence when people need arise, why we should not get people’s attention and praise it?It is they, give us light in the darkness, in the heat of midsummer, give us a peaceful night Oh!    So walking aimlessly, inadvertently went to the front of the library, this place is known as the best place at the moment but we extracurricular lonely standing there, made it very quiet, it seems to talk with their dissatisfaction.It was alone in front of a green, still tireless absorb heat during the day, cooling the surrounding that piece of the sky.By this fresh shares, stuck on a day of insects also jumped out, the flowers, among the leaves under the lights.Everywhere you can see them beating the figure, you can always hear their cheerful chirping.The next person stood quietly next to the library of that tree, despite the clear wind in my hair, frogs shaking my eardrums, moonlight stretched my back, so that pent-minded enjoy the release of its excess , joy, anger at funeral music, success and failure, compared with the beauty of this midsummer night, but also what it is worth?    Suddenly, the sound of car horns along with a bunch of dazzling light pulled me back from the endless thoughts.University of the road, a car roaring past, also brought to my attention there.I saw small groups of people walked leisurely pace Suixiao, talking and laughing to go home, perhaps, these people hard day, like me, only in the moment to appreciate the value of life now!During the day we squeeze the endless sweat, the night but gave us double the pleasure, or, and this is where God called it fair!Distance, science floor below, self-study students walked returned tired but relaxed pace Congcong Wang bedroom inside rush, perhaps, that pot of cold water, that fan, that a mat, that is, they have to rush the line reason for it, who knows?Perhaps it is a dinner!These are braving the heat to create the future of students who, in this deserted, the silence of the night, to bring people a glimmer of hope and sustenance, even tired during the day power!    Moonlit, but the stars looming.Connaught large campus, along with the deepening of the night, the more quiet and peaceful.Only that light, that library, that flowers in the stick.Perhaps, they are well-brewing another tomorrow!I walked along the same route, slowly back away, although everything is so familiar to see, I have not the slightest fatigue, there is only comfortable, but grateful!In this hot summer, what beautiful gift can match such a wonderful night of it?Hence it is: your God shut a window at the same time, will help you open a window to another, so I want a good life, good fight, abandon worry, just to live up to this tranquil and peaceful campus Midsummer Night!    Night, I had a dream in which I not only have a night like this, more so during the day, this life!

Xian Wei and Gao Bin Ye began to love from the sophomore, living together for four years after graduation, she has repeatedly hinted he would like to Gao Bin Ye married, can Gao Bin Ye has not been able to give her a clear answer, they have been advances and retreats the wandering, is to get married or break up?This is a topic they have been avoided.In her own words, their love is suffering from depression.  Wei Xian Gao Bin Ye know that the heart has been still preserved in a pure memory, the memory is the share he has been hesitant.It was one of his high school female students, called Cher, she is a girl as beautiful as snow, with the year they learn in a small town in southern Jiangsu.Although there has been no commitment between them, but they have been the exchange with his eyes.When completing the College Entrance Examination, they invariably chose the same school, but it did not, because the difference between Cher thirds and fallen off, after she has been avoiding him.When that day Gao Bin Ye embark on a long journey full of melancholy to the station, she suddenly appeared, handed him a hand-woven pure white scarf, said simply: I heard that cold north, bring it!It tears ran away.This is their one last time, then he has to find her, but I heard the South to go to work, and then later it would not be news.  Gao Bin Ye all these years has been treasured Cher send scarf, pull it out and see nothing, Wei Xian have seen, it is a white cashmere woven scarf, in addition to the uneven stitches nothing special.Thought of this, Wei Xian got up and opened the cupboard, from the inside out seven scarf to, this is the story she heard Gao Bin Ye secretly woven, weaving a year, but did not dare to give him, he said he was afraid of mere copycat.  Wei Xian is stroking scarves roads of this love, the door came the sound of footsteps Gao Bin Ye, he came back!Wei Xian quickly panic all her scarf close up.  She got up to go to end the meal, her work every day than Gao Bin Ye as early as one hour in the morning, she was ready for his breakfast and then leave at night, make delicious meals in front of his back.Meal, Wei Xian tentatively asked aloud: My mother and reminders, and asked When did you two get married?Ye Gao Bin without thinking, and he said: It is not said that yet, not this year.  Wei Xian listened to my heart could not help a pain, like the accumulation of a volcano, she suddenly broke out: I’ve had enough You’re neither hot nor cold look!Especially annoying scarf!Are you all put it out in front of me miss her, when I was Hollow Man?I did not feel it?Now we only have two way, one is married, one is breaking up!You think about which to choose a!  Gao Bin Ye listening to her words apparently taken aback, indeed, he had never thought about it: I was wrong yet?These can you knew from the beginning, you were not like to hear me say that these do?  listen!Gao Bin Ye!I started to like to listen to, then we can not be lovers!Now I’m your girlfriend, you should take into account my feelings!I’ll give you a month time to think, only not, then we broke up.  Gao Bin Ye no longer speak, Wei Xian right, his heart has always been fit that feelings, this is their problem.But he could not bear to break up with Wei Xian, he was not a macho man, seven years, he has grown used to Xian Wei.  Wei Xian gone, she’s gone a bit upset to let Gao Bin Ye, Gao Bin Ye think twice after the decision to go home, to see Cher side.  He started with high school students to inquire about the whereabouts of Cher, Cher married someone said Northeast, it was said Cher divorced return home, it was said Cher doing business south of Gao Bin Ye will fly while the Northeast, while back home, while to the south Shenzhen, just looking for a little hide and seek partners in childhood, like, every disappointment will be replaced by the joy of the next message, he gratuitous believe any news about her.  That day, a classmate told him that last month saw Cher Street in Huangshan City, where she opened a shop.He rushed to the airport to buy a ticket to go to Huangshan, but just before boarding a quarter of an hour, his cell phone suddenly rang, the original is the leading hospital sudden onset, let him go back to stay wherever he goes.No way, he had turned around, went back to Beijing.  Two weeks later, Gao Bin Ye finally flew Huangshan City.Because it is not tourist season, the streets deserted.Occasionally, there are few tourists pass by here, especially people who buy things less.He stopped at a store called Cher knitted his pace, he saw hanging in the shop with a lot of hand-woven hat, sweater, lovers as well as scarves.  The feel, he knows that this is his Cher, as beautiful as snow girl.  He quietly went inside, meet the numerous dream scene flashed in front, that would be kind of romantic?But he was soon to burst vulgar laughter shocked, the original store a women and three men playing mahjong.The woman with a hot blast head, face powder piled thick, dark lipstick painted lips, dressed as prostitutes.  She is Cher.  Some people simply frolic, not someone come hello.There is a bald looked at him, he was reached for the woman to play a bit on the head, then shouted: Mom, a door hook, like staring eyes like his aging mother, his aging mother did not see you had a look at?Bald!Fast play cards right!Today, his aging mother lost miserable!Gao Bin Ye had not noticed her hand was still clamped a cigarette.  This impression with Cher in passing, but still a little Gao Bin Ye did not give up, he took out a scarf Cher who sent him, and asked: Is this your house shop selling it?He thought well, if she really Cher, does not know this scarf.Scarf woman looked at, and then he turned a bit red eyes, apparently does not remember who he is: Where to pick up the broken posing as my craft?When I was a good bullying?Let you taste his aging mother’s powerful!She said, suddenly stood up, fucked around a pair of scissors, make a determined effort to cut rotten scarf in his hand.  madman!She is simply a madman!Gao Bin Ye quickly escaped, the woman holding scissors to catch the door.She looks so fierce, that would never be like snowflakes beautiful girl.  Gao Bin Ye left, Cher wept severely.After that, she washed the powder face, took off the wig, revealing a sober face to.She married and divorced because of emotional incompatibility, and now she lives a person with a child.She also knew Gao Bin Ye have been looking for himself, for him, she also exists a good memory, and he can have imagined again later.She has deliberately destroyed his image in the minds of Gao Bin Ye, it is for the girl.  A few days ago, she came to the shop a young city girl, she did not say anything, just use a hostile eyes looked at herself.That is how the eyes yo!Cher never forget, there is jealousy there have resigned sad, Cher quietly at her back, she too had heard that Bin Ye have a like-minded lovers.  Vision in the eye, the girl looked down, she dropped a bag of something sadly left hand.I looked at the girl slumped back, Cher opened her bag, which turned out to be seven scarves!Each corner of scarves are embroidered with silk thread out of the line of small print ilovebinye.  This girl is the Wei Xian, the other day, she started secretly recording equipment on the phone Gao Bin Ye, you know Cher address.She also wanted to meet her lover dreaming that makes people what kind, so that his defeat was convinced.She originally wanted to use the scarf to defeat Cher, Cher did not expect to do as a career yet weave, and she felt she had lost, she left the.  Wei Xian gone, leaving Cher at her scarf stared in a daze.Later, some students called to tell Cher, said Gao Bin Ye will come to her.So she made an important decision.  Since then, her makeup every day, invite some friends to play mahjong, smoking, drinking, friends surprised by her change, no one knew she was waiting for Gao Bin Ye, she wanted to overturn the image of himself in his mind, let him go back to that girl around.  Gao Bin Ye really come at the right time when he took the scarf, she almost revealed the secret, she choked back emotion, showing the appearance of a shrew scare him, she let him give up hope, because there is a lovestruck girl waiting for him.  But when he really left, she felt lost and from the heart.Just at the right time she wept, and playing cards with her the return of the bald man, Cher said nothing, she flew into his arms.Bald no small surprise, he pursued for many years Cher, Cher has been available to him lukewarm.Before leaving he saw Cher mood is not right, some do not trust, they came back, I did not expect this moment to impress Michelle Gao Bin Ye driven to distraction returned to Beijing, but found Wei Xian had to pick him up at the airport.Gao Bin Ye was full of surprise: January deadline has come.But I do not think of what this time, he found just left of Cher Wei Xian is so considerate, maybe she is the most suitable for their own.  Soon, Gao Bin Ye and Xian Wei held a wedding ceremony, accepted the pro-people’s blessing.Honeymoon, they received a gift, opened it, was actually seven scarves.So far, Gao Bin Xian Wei Ye know that everything has been done for him, he moved to hugged her: Thank you my love cure depression!You let me know think love is like a mirage, only to seize the happiness around, is the most important!

16 years old, I published an article in a magazine, there is a neighbor city boy wrote to me and said, I love you text.That was my first time there from a heterosexual, get such a sincere compliment.My heart, like the once shy lotus, infinite tenderness down.So began the book to the letter of the day, put a heart the most delicate emotions, quietly writing on paper, attached to the beautiful stamps, and then dropped into the mailbox in clove under the green.It was the best time for a young, my heart filled with enlightened and shy.All the sorrow and joy girls, dull and bright, for the first time, in front of a boy, flowers, and love with the unique sweet and fragrant, a prosthetic blossoming.  One day, in the letter, the boy said: Shall we meet?You come, or I go.I hold the letter went crazy on the playground stands tall, and then go step by step down.I finally realized that the feeling of vertigo, and it is so true around me, like clouds nestling Rays, light them nowhere to hide, nor want to escape.Passing a mirror of the stairs, I accidentally glance, you can see not only the girl’s face flush, there is a simple dress, wearing glasses clumsy girl who has no aura.That is the real me, in addition to writing a advantage can no longer expose girls.The written word, I just dream of longing, that there are many people like the perfect girl.But, but why, in addition to her mother, and then no one said I was beautiful.The teachers always said: ordinary girl like you, if you do not study hard, what can you do?The girls also said that around, see what a security is bland, ah, she is clumsy even sing it.  But I am still a boy again and again request, the reply to him and said: Well, I ride to your city.Letter sent to that moment, I began to move out all of their beautiful clothes, piece by piece, wash with water to remove traces of those folding.I also bring their own money to save, optical shop, quietly with contact lenses for yourself.The owner is a gentle woman, she looked at my forehead acne exuberant new comes out, he said softly: You’re so young, wearing contact lenses for the eye bad.I looked down in silence, just rushing poured piles of coins, a number of good, quickly turned around and ran away.After returning home I looked at my mother wash the clothes, rubbed my matted hair, said Ann so diligent when it?I smell the scent on the clothes of the sun, then suddenly laughed, I rushed Angtou mother like a baby, she said Ann really changed yet?Mom laughed and said, yes ah, Ann 16 years old, more than ever it cute and well-behaved.  Mother’s words, I suddenly filled with joy and confidence.I remember wearing a princess dress that piece of lace from the courage to go out, I think you can light pink with matching sandals, there can be loosely rolled up purple blue hair ribbon.Perhaps, they make up the ugly duckling beautiful, and I think.  So get on to the neighbor city car, hiding in the corner of the carriage, he pulled out a small mirror on the dresser from her mother secretly brought a lipstick, painted and painted, rub and scrub.Finally, in the mirror, he surprised to see a pair of eyes over here, was unprepared to put up lipstick.But also because of panic, an ugly blot of red, out there in the white dress.I desperately ah rub rub, but that traces, but it is increasingly obvious, until finally, I finally decided to give up sadly.At that time, the car is also slowly entered the station o City.I am at the door of the station and saw a lot of men and women to meet the train, look lazy, but also a look of dust.It’s just a dusty town, and no vigorous branches of the plane and clean and fresh quartzite road boy described in the letter, and the woman who peddle flowers he had said it, how have absolutely no trace?I sat in the car, see eye pain, finally convinced that he did not come, will not come.Because, he may also simply a low self-esteem than my boys, he lied, but not like I have the courage to face those little white lies.  Quietly returned home, my mother was helping me sort bedroom.She still smiled and asked me, Ann private tuition in school today you happy?I walked over and hugged her mother from behind, silently crying.After a long time, my mother was turned back, gently asked me: see you with contact lenses, is not because of discomfort, regret, so want to cry?I did not look up, but choked, said her mother, Ann had not read in college, because the United States will no longer wear contact lenses.Mother would pat my head, smiled and said: But do not wear safety glasses really beautiful, mother believe you must dress the most beautiful girl in the class today, right?No one more than us safe, it is more like a princess!  Then one day, I was in his drawer and found a new one Maybelline lip gloss, and a small contact lens case.I took off the heavy glasses, wear contact lenses carefully, and look in the mirror, lightly coated with a layer of lip gloss, that naive, I immediately become bright and moist up.That day, I was 18 years old, about to enter college, this special birthday gift received is from Mom.She said in the note, Ann, today, you finally grow up, no longer as humble and self-pity, you can also brave worries to pursue true love and beauty.  Low self-esteem to the man who tried to use someone else’s praise to encourage their girls, and finally old enough to have an age of lip gloss.The growing bitterness and pain, so at the time, the smoke, like calm naturally fade.

I’m sorry, I love you, it is light, easily overlooked, yet is so memorable.    First met on the fourth day, the gate when I was in school, silly standing, counting the vehicles curb dealings, you gently by me, holding New Concept English Reader, look hurry, you completely ignore you speak with the boys, and soon disappeared in my eyes, that I did not encounter too much to leave you with the impression that the other party.    At this point, I thought he would not touch you again, but, fate often very clever.    After the test, my grades plummeted, at their own expense on a home only fifteen minutes drive from second-rate school, the first day of military training will I see you, you’re wearing camouflage uniforms, lean body stand in the sun, so I was you wipe the sweat, you were active was named the activists in military training school in recognition of the day I saw you smile on the podium so beautiful, many boys as you pour.    High moment, a lot of boys to show you, you are a successful deal between them, he did recognize this brother, he did recognize that his brother, there is an ambiguous with him, speak ill of people gradually began to rise , then I do not know how to describe you, because my high school division of Arts, the relationship between parents asked me into the focus of the class, you focus through merit into the class, I suddenly felt this might be a fate, God made me and when you meet the fourth day, it dawned on me that you have literary talent is a girl, a girl with personality, you like poetry Xu, like Qingzhao, when you fight no matter who the other side will not budge from.    But then I have complained to you, because I think you’re scheming, you get along with others to be used always feel that I and a few friends talking about you will be very disdain, you frequently change her boyfriend, who your ex-boyfriend let me give you a pass over the note, together with other students when I see you making out with your ex-boyfriend.    High school sophomore when I communicate with you is too small, I feel that we are not in the same way I always closed his own heart, you sometimes take the initiative to pay me to stay, I rarely respond.    High School, when you contact with my friends, I urge careful consideration friends, friends he was fascinated by you, I admire you very powerful tool, and eventually had alienated friends, because I doubt if you really on your friends, I had told him to say, he always believed that you are a good man, for he was sincere, I’m helpless, only alienate him.You do not know, but what you did made me feel very means you can deal with and not offend them among so many people, not just the boys, the girls, too.I do not know what time was in love with you, but it is certain that after I did the same table with you closer.Middle school life so I find any results worsened, facing heavy pressure at home I only have the heart to relax, that exam, I came in last few classes, teachers ranked by score and you let me sit sitting together, and my friend was sitting in front of you, you smiled and said to me like you closer to him some.Then somehow the heart, a kind of sense of loss.    I cautioned myself not to say too much with you, and you do not want to have anything to do too much, but I could not withstand the kind you gradually open heart, you and I talk about life, talk about ideals, joking with me, let me you understand a lot, sometimes I think you misunderstood is not too deep, I still remember you in class lectures, the way to class when you steal the play phone look, my phone did not charge you pay to help me, help you I like to buy things, my history class in school can, your knowledge of history is relatively worse, every time you ask me my opinion very naive question, I can not help but laugh, you gently pat I told me not to laugh.    I am very worried and you get closer to make your boyfriend jealous, after all, he is my friend, remember one occasion, I call you to help me in class on a website, he found, and rebuked you, I’m afraid he did not blame me on the other hand it is very guilty.    I remember when I was his first mock exam did not test well, you advised me not depressed I’m grateful, then tune once asked if I would take you back to you one, I declined, afraid of being misunderstood say, you laugh laugh.    I thought there will not be any connection between us, but there you propose to help me day to occupying a seat on the school bus, I declined, but you stuck with it, not once does not account for even this also with you the friends had a falling out, which makes me very guilty.Every day in the morning on a school bus, I sat with you together to talk about current events, talk about going to college entrance examination after the.Sometimes you play phone, listening to music, I will close my eyes and thought about my things, I enjoy quiet time with you.Remember the trouble you with his contradictory when you’re angry behavior between him and the other girls, the day he became very long-winded discussion of the difficulties girlfriend again, I advised him like a fool, second day I think he was lying on the table burst into tears, and later ask you how you are going to say just to scare him to break up with him said, I advise you to grasp with his feelings, you smile.    Every time I saw you with him intimate act will be lost, and you did not visit the school and what time to school, I do not know that he knows of crystal clear, and afterwards I laugh at myself, what am I I was just a passenger, you and he talk to you, my heart is extremely helpless.    When I realized I was in love with you, I told myself not to show it, because you are my friend’s girlfriend, and you want to draw a line in the Classmates I wish you to write on his feelings and bear fruit, I say to you as a friend and you want him to go all the way, I often joke with him when you pull in, you say Fuchangfusui, I tried to hide myself, I am not going to take the college entrance examination a week before the school bus do not you help me make up seat, just to be with you very clearly divided, you also talked with me a little as if the very tacit understanding between us as well.Two days after the entrance, you pick up the camera gently walked beside me, said to me at the same table I want you to take a picture, I put on a v-shaped gesture, so you took a photo, I do not know how heart empty,.Volunteers will be open to apply for that day, I slapstick with your boyfriend, you pat me say I’m bold, I nodded heart filled with emotion, if the Bowl, just stay in my time with you first met that afternoon nice.    You have decided to go to Dalian, your boyfriend might intend to go with you, but I have been lonely, Guizhou decided to go there I have a dream, I am ready to pack, ready to flee, maybe the two of us the connection between this disconnection, life is no longer there intersection.    I’m sorry, I love you, gentle, light, I hope not to bother you.    I’m sorry, I love you, created a false emotion at the wrong time, our life may not intersect, but I wish you happiness, you are in my heart lay the mark, not just deep and shallow there, late at night, occasionally think.

In our era of puppy love, neat world where only simple conservation of energy and chemical equations.  It is also the most complex three-dimensional geometry than the linear function.  She did not know why I was always so their love, and I do not know how she would no sorrow.  Black Cat street Seoul: Tutu is a good girl, you do not hurt her love.Dolls, See, I have this thing that you are a good girl told the world, and the future we will not face any small man, not a blessing for those who are sidelined!  Life is a blessing and talk to a group of three thousand eight hundred thirty-eight together.Tutu is in a group of thirty-eight.  In fact, spotlessly clean and good conduct, is a good girl, she does not smoke do not drink, do not curse nor install pure.She was too good, so I always worry about someone bullying her, but she never felt bullied others, in addition to our several thirty-eight.Although they never clean up the bedroom she was the only person doing.  In our era of puppy love, neat world where only simple conservation of energy and chemical equations.It is also the most complex three-dimensional geometry than the linear function.She did not know why I was always so their love, and I do not know how she would no sorrow.After high school we went to, respectively, the two universities, but we will still be a small get together from time to time.I first discovered this little girl’s lust finally in the idea that life is ready to make the end of the first semester of the sophomore winter.That day she unspeakable words do not convey the excitement was almost a little swashbuckling tone told me on the phone: I won the lottery, I buy things in the supermarket the day before yesterday, the result became the first 8888 customers, supermarket gift me year are impossible sanitary napkins, all ABC, I can not wait every day aunt!  I lay in bed with a very lazy voice said: Is not a whole lot of little angel with wings Why, I thought you were a big guy in a winged it!  Really handsome, were you guessed it, I was going to tell you about this romantic story!Then Tutu’s voice is even more excited.  Later I learned that on the phone the whole process of this affair, but because Tutu expressed incoherently on talent, most of the plot I can only themselves to imagine, but the process probably looks like this.  That day she went to school nearby supermarket to buy instant noodles, the result of the payment when the guy standing in front of her face to see her only bag politely let her prepaid, but not clever since she became the first supermarket opened in 8888 customers.Just when Tutu did not react, the supermarket staff pointed to the door of the poster, said: Congratulations, you are so lucky students ah, those sanitary napkins are your friends!Tutu looked at the front of the pile of the same hill ABC, I think it’s all come so suddenly, she could not believe such a thing would fall on her head.While the supermarket all eyes focused on the spotlessly clean, and she suddenly remembered that her first payment of courtesy boys.Tutu turned his head and looked at him a look of apology saying: sorry, in fact, the first 8888 customers should be you.  Boys look embarrassed smile, he said: all right, this award, you are in relation Well, I want to say those things useless ah.  Tutu also suddenly wake up the general, saying: That I polite friends.Then she went to the hill before the start of a pack a bag mounted sanitary napkins, how could carry equipment, gifts have too many friends, is this supermarket is not going to dry?Tutu was wondering how this Qunxiao angels back to the bedroom, the boys went to her and said: if you can not get back, then I can help you with.  Then, spotlessly clean and boys both hands carrying two bags full of sanitary napkins, stroll in the rose-colored sunset, and became d University campus scenery.  Finally Tutu finally remembered the story focuses describe the appearance of the boys, she said he was with a pair of character eyebrows, thin lips, small eyes, not handsome but fairly clean, kind of laughed taste of the sun.His name is also good to hear, called Wu Qi.  My gut tells me this is a neat Wu Qi love at first sight.Because so bland name, she is also said to be nice, I can not think of anything else except love reason.Tutu finally met a male her heart, it got off the phone within ten minutes I was thirty-eight to the sisters there, so we began rushes to help her come up with ideas.Tutu may think we are too stupid idea, though Wu Qi left her phone number, but she could not so easily go to confession ah.As a well-known good girl, but a basic criterion reserved.  Tutu these days to Wu Qi edited hundreds of text messages, but no one sent out, she always felt that excuse too far-fetched, at night in bed holding a cell phone over and over again, from the full grid cells gradually turn into a grid, Tutu seeing the final point of power is about to disappear in the endless night, as if only just learned to breathe sinking heart as generally fall into the sea more and more boring.Tutu once again being felt suffocated when the sleepless night, her cell phone suddenly shaking a bit.  Hi, remember me with you?I Wu Qi, how about you these days ah, is not it good luck to burst?Neat little heart seems to have suddenly been sea fish, big mouth to breathe fresh air in general, the whole world suddenly see the light.She slowly, as appropriate, for half an hour, came back last sentence: Not really, because probably the day I met you really only get so lucky it.  Tutu began innocently, and other text messages sent in the past, can not wait until fall asleep to receive text messages.The next morning a neat depressed, she felt myself back to the message too slow, probably fell asleep for a long time such as Wu Qi.Will it be enough decent back to their own SMS?Tutu tangled in a variety guess that’s the self, as if she did not understand before special soap opera female pig tugging petals love you, do not love you.That is the state Tutu upset but unable to extricate themselves.  Afternoon, the dead general’s phone finally revived, and it began to frequent vibration, is the message from Wu Qi, a and a, Tutu holding the phone to talk exhilaration.That afternoon she discovered that Wu Qi is a very humorous person.Wu Qicheng the world Tutu’s the most amazing person, she and him talk about what he knows, the answer is also very insightful.Obviously, Tutu became fond of him already love.What a while no matter told Tutu, her body will be three sentences around to Wu Qi, a mouth that is how he how to.Happiness was as if he had what people like her.  Tutu said this weekend he offer her go to the movies, she should not worry that he is a good dress up.Prior to the appointment but also specifically to buy new clothes, do a hot plasma.We must give Wu Qi leave a good impression.In fact, the year also had a neat tweed class, although in kindergarten.I think the most beautiful and neat appearance is her laugh when bent into a heart-shaped mouth will look like.  On the weekends Wu Qi door to take her to her school, they teach you the first street.He bought a neat heart-shaped card, but also personally help her put on, he said: you laugh look very cute, like the shape of the issuer.He smiled, neat face became red cherry on, big boy did not take over such a nice card, or a heterosexual to put it on, and neat thought: it will not be too soon ah.  Shortly before noon, when they went to dinner, he went to a spotlessly clean with very senior restaurant.Where the waiters are dressed in a clean shirt and trousers, even the smile seems to have uniform standards, like not too much, people that is comfortable but not too much.Red and white tablecloths and gentle goblet, candle against the background of Wu Qi face a little tenderness.He said: You look great.

When a meteor across the night sky, I silently promised a wish, I sincerely pray for God to fulfill my desire.  I do not know since when I fell in love with learning, I do not know since when I do not drink Coke, but I do not know since when I fell in love with lollipop.Probably after I met Ying.That year I was on the third day, grades in the class last first.I do not know why, my grades for parents and teachers never cared, because of this, I think no one will care about me.  Daily life is facing the ceiling in a daze, looking at how it does not know the bible.Or to the playground to see the beauty, frankly, I was kind of very popular type of girls welcomed, they said I was a long cool, sweet smile, the girls really know how considerate.  I always received a lot of girls love letters, now filled with a small box.This is where the content is nothing more than I am handsome, flashy like some of the words I like.Although I am longing for love, but I knew that ten thousand leaves did not belong to me that a.I am eager to make my heart appears a girl’s desire for a pure love.Recently in a dream, always dreamed of green grass on the lawn, and a long-haired girl hugged kiss, but can not remember the faces of the girls woke up.  A chance, I met with long hair, simple, lovely girl.That day, I was on the outside and classmates slapstick, accidentally hit a girl, I quickly helped the girl up, at this moment I seem to have had a kind of feeling of heart.sorry?I’m embarrassed scratched his head and said,.  Humph!who are you.Are not allowed close to her, we do not dare to bully her promise, four or five students took her around in the middle.Of course, I do not know her name.Later I learned that she called Ying.And all of a stranger, she and I talked to from the formal to the familiar, but time is always so beautiful, noisy room, in time continued to tick away.  The reason why we will become good friends, I think it’s because, like Ying and I alone, as no one loved.Ying very young parents often travel abroad, only to take care of her grandmother, but three years ago, has been taking care of her grandmother died, from Ying often a person’s life, it slowly withdrawn.Ying just know she is very shy and rarely take the initiative to speak, I leave no stone unturned to make fun Ying.To make faces Ying.Hiding in a corner of her sudden scare.Or in front of her class shouted her name in her class.  Ying love to eat lollipops, I often use parents to give her pocket money to buy.Sometimes in class I’d slipped out of the classroom, quietly handed her lollipop.Ying happy to see that, I always enjoy the.At first she was shy and blushed like apples, I always laugh at her silly.Slowly, she began to get used to.Hi!Beauty, so greedy, ah, so you eat a lollipop, even eat a hundred tire?I saw Ying will lollipop in his mouth, looks more lovely.  Ying threw me a white winks and said: this lady is eat, how the?I would also like to eat a lot of it.There are later allowed to say that I am greedy, I’m not picky eaters, so this lady slim.  I played very good basketball, ball, passing, scoring, omnipotent.Each time you play will cause a lot of girls in the crowd.Of course, this also includes Ying.After each kick the ball, I would habitually drink a bottle of Coke, I’m not allowed to drink after Ying know.She said: Coke to poor health.So, after each kick the ball, Ying will get mineral water to me.  Once I hang out with some friends outside school, I met Ying, Ying took me aside and told me that they are not a good boy, do not you okay with them?  Well, I nodded..Although such unreasonable demands for Ying.But I could not find grounds for refusal.Later evidence Ming Ying was right.A few days later, a major news spread throughout the campus, the three together and my youth, betrayed punishment for theft.I have with them, the students wear the reputation of being a juvenile delinquent.  The next morning, I stood in front of the classroom Ying, waiting for her early.It thanks to Ying, if not her, maybe I will.Ying see out of the classroom, I quickly stepped forward to hold on tightly to the hand of Ying, Ying thank you.  Ying smiled at me, blushed, what friends are for.  Two Shortly after, Ying, we walk it together?  No, I have to go back and review it, I’m very busy, goodbye.  This was the third time rejected me Ying.Ying hurried back to the classroom, how it’s going?Ying will play with each of.Always avoided me recently how?A surge of jealousy in my heart.  I do not know when to fall in love, perhaps from Ying gave up my bottled water when it.Ying face of indifference to me, my heart hurts.I decided to no longer ignore her, I want her to forget.Soon is the end of the exam, I am interested in studying, subjects have to hang a red light.  That day, I played basketball at the playground, Zhang came to me and saw I was drinking cola, a wins over.Not promise I will not drink Coke yet?How do you turn to drink?  To you tube, I interrupted her, hug played next to a girl, this is my girlfriend, this will not come to me.She would be jealous of.  Ying did not speak, throw away the hands of mineral water, and ran away the next few days, Ying did not come to school, her classmates told me Ying fever.I quickly arrived at her home.Her parents traveled abroad.At this point Ying was lying in bed groaning with pain.I touched Ying head, hot scary, I burned her water, she took the pills help, they have to turn away.Do not go, stay with me please?Yingla my clothes.  Let your boyfriend to accompany you right.I have a touch of that.  No, I will accompany you, I did not have a boyfriend, what he learned to help me, help me review the end of his examination, I’m so lonely, stay with me please?  Well, I’ll stay Come.Baby, but you have to do my girlfriend please?Do you like me?  Yeah..!Who do you girlfriend ah?When did I become your baby, your girlfriend can do, but you have to promise me one thing.  I put my arms Ying, yes, as long as you promise me anything I promise you.  After you learn it.I do not want people to say I had a bad boyfriend learning!Ha, if you can get good grades, I’ll be with you.  Well I promise you, when to be allowed to lie, oh?Well puppy is shamelessly!  You’re the puppy does, large, extra large dog.Look at your nose, how much ah.  I began to study it, to know nothing from the little knowledge, then proficient.Among these I gradually fell in love with learning, fell in love with circular geometry, language sentences, English words.When I as a fifth of the exam.  In the middle of the night, the mother will end on supper my desk, when I kicked the night will be a quilt cover on me when.I found my mother had also love.  However, three happy life is always short, and the day I Ying a walk together, I suddenly fainted.Wake up mother and teachers around my side.The facts tell my mother.Originally, I was suffering from a hereditary disease, my father died because of this disease.Maybe I will because this disease died of it.Tearful mother to hold me in his arms.In the mother’s efforts, I decided to go abroad with her mother to heal my illness.  That was the last time we meet, Ying cried, cried a lot.In fact, Ying also gradually can not do without me, and I’m used to go to school together, school together, went to the cafeteria to eat, and I got used to the distant sea.  I pretend not to know the way, naughty asked her, how, silly girl, bother you?  Not you, to go and I do not say.  Well, I was silent, the original Ying did not know my illness.But I also do not want to tell her, I’m afraid she will be sad, sad.I was afraid he would cry for me.I still hurt so than sorry.  I will come back?Ying looks at me and asked daydream.  I pondered this for a long time, it might be!But to do for a long time.Besides, I do not know that time you will not love me.An sad mood spread through the heart.  Of course I will love you.Ying clenched his fists, love you, love you like I love the lollipop.Remember to bring me back a gift, fool, I want the biggest, largest lollipop, you know.?  Silly girl was so greedy it.I stick your finger in the Ying head, you’re a Chanmao.Well, I remember.  Ying smiled with satisfaction, I will wait for you, come back to marry me know?  Humph!To do a long time, who knows you will not fall in love with someone else, or someone else has to chase.You are so beautiful.  No, Ying covered my mouth, firm says.  I suspect, is not it?But there are many people like you, oh?Take for instance the corporal, he was tall, handsome.You say I have to wait.I want to prove that you gave me?  what?I do not have valuable things, Ying face looked at me warily.A treacherous look like the same guy.  How silly girl Yeah I think so, how could I do so vulgar?I stopped frolic, serious again.I want you to kiss, hope for a long kiss.  Well, Ying asked to live my mouth, and I Ying face was crimson rose.Moment my mind went blank, eyes closed tightly.I know Ying lips leave lips long time before I show up.Fool, you look shy, Ying smiled at me.Pointing at me, just two years, two years later, you have to come back.I’ll give you what you want, you have to give me, oh come back to marry me?Ying ran away.      After the end of three years, with a strong build my body back here.Can Ying was gone, the neighbors told me that two years ago she moved out, before walking a day, she spent a whole day on our lawn once.  A few days later, I traveled the streets.Looking Ying breath.  Later, I heard that Ying went to the far south.  Still later, we have not heard from Ying.

2009 while he and her high school, he was a very quiet boy, and she really loves to play very mad!Because placement They are assigned to a class, or around the table!He called dragons, good grades at school, the teachers liked him!Her name is Jill, because love playing poor academic performance, teachers are regarded as bad as her students!    Tensions high school life for people breathless, after three years of effort just to be able to return for a good school entrance of notice!    One day in class, have thrown dragons on the desk a note. It reads: how can you not love to talk to the girls ah, what would blush?The genus name Jill!    He looked down on slips of paper wrote: No, ah, I never take the initiative to talk to girls, I feel quite attractive!    After seeing Jill smiled, feeling quite humorous dragons!So by writing a note relationships nearly every day, one day They became lovers from students!    From dragons academic performance has been declining, the teacher talked with him several times!Came more than a month before the college entrance examination, dragons did not go to school, and now he has learned not go!    After the exam, the exam dragons!He went to a field of colleges, but Jill is in the city on a local vocational school!They separate the two because of school, but over the phone, they continue to insist on the Internet!Although they are not together but still feeling so good!    One day Jill cold, no one to take care of her in her side, dragons know, bought a train ticket to see her that day, also bought her cold medicine!    Jill moved to tears!How time flies by, they have been together for more than a year!Many former classmates say he was stupid!Stupid is as stupid does, he got her love, he felt very happy!    Suddenly one day Jill told us break up dragons, dragons thought it was a joke, it comes to you kidding ah!Jill says is true!He went to her and asked, why break up, do not you love me yet?Jill say love, I’ve been in love with someone else!He took care of me in my side!And you really can not do!    Dragons cried, tears streaming down his eyes down, he paid so much to determine the final return for a break for her!Fool away, without leaving anything to go under the gray sky began to rain, mixed with rain fell in little fool who, rain and tears have been a fool not distinguish love is not wrong, he just likes she just!

School of the mountain trees have copper tree, leisure time I always like a man under a tree to watch the sunset.  I’m not handsome, learning is not good, do not love sports, but do not unite students.But I have an advantage are the envy of everyone, and that is an amazing talent.  Class snapped positive drifted away from the classroom, I was flying teacher chalk accurate hit in the head.How is this trick, it can not be something new?Pick up the chalk was about to head teacher handed.I found the teacher goes as broken Mazhang Fei-like face, very bright smile today.  Students, today we turn to a new student class, she called: purple Tong, a pleasant appearance, like a retro ponytail, looks a little blankly girl.The teacher pointed to the seat next to me: she will help you oh.Purple Tong but very good.  Sure enough, not long before her reputation will be famous school, first won the championship in long-distance race.Then become a squad leader, shortly after the school won the first good results in examinations.However, she obtained such excellent results when she was at the same table as I have become the biggest victims.Like Hunshimowang like me, she was hit instill obedience tube.  I found that I was actually obsessed with purple tube Tong.And then I can not go on like this, throw her a note, which read: less self-righteous, self-assertion, I do not believe you can take control of it I?After a small tube in my school, and later allowed to pull my ear, very shameful!  She smiled at me: you will slowly crush on this feeling.  Purple Tong beautiful, very good.Therefore it captured the hearts of many boys, actually led to flooding in our class love letter, to bring class had a quiet round and round waves.Really hard to imagine that a man could be so good, so good.More annoying is that I always hated her, actually began her fascination.  In the morning, the vice squad collection of all the people in our class.Of course, not including purple Tong.Opened an emergency meeting.He announced that there is one very important thing today.Today, self-study courses rang, he suddenly raised his head and cried in front of purple Tong: I love you.Handed out a bouquet of flowers in front of purple Tong.The class for the purple Tong, promised him.Zi Tong looked daggers at me, smiled and took his flowers.  In the evening, I could not sleep in bed how.Envy and jealousy perhaps.I found that I do not know, I have fallen in love with her.And the thought of her vice squad together, my heart hurts.Upset when I would sit on the stone benches under the purple Tung, looking at the sky quietly in a daze.At this time, a petite figure has long been sitting here, how you will be here?Here is my territory.  I was in the stars, who said!Whoever it is who to.Look at my face, purple Tong mischievous smile.How so red it?You are not like me?  Humph!It did not do, you do not like the vice squad?I no longer see her, and ran quickly ran away.  Soon, the school purple Tong announced a surprising news, the boys over at the end of her examination, she who to talk to friends, and soon the whole school boys crazy to start learning.Of course, this also includes me.For happiness I love the purple Tong, I want her to learn more than the end of the exam.  Maybe I’m seriously study the reason, I no longer care about the purple Tong.Whenever problems encountered in the classroom dispute my answer, she would encourage me.Give me a sweet smile.  In the end of the exam results will be announced today, when I was shocked to read the name on the first place, I do not know is happy or sad.575, I passed her 0.5 points.Tong took the purple classroom transcripts announced its commitment to do my girlfriend of the time, the class muster applause.I snatched the transcript, torn to pieces.This is not what I want, purple Tong after I refused, tearfully left the classroom.  A few days later, we resumed its former life.But a fool to give up the girl the best news has spread throughout the campus.  Do you regret it?Purple Tong Road towards me.  Do not regret it, I know you like me, right?  Well purple Tong smiled, raised his head to think of what the next few days, every day after school, I will go to the purple and purple Tong Tung next, chatting, watching the sunset.  Epilogue: Shortly after, purple Tong gone, gone when she did not tell anyone to go quietly.  I found in her desk in a letter: I love you, you know.?The first time I saw you from my love with you..I like your naughty, like your cute, like your everything.But I’m going, the future will not control you.You will no longer twist ears.But you have to learn, you know.?Maybe one day we’ll meet again.Under Purple Tung mountain, and I have the best memories.

Autumn leaves yellowing, swaying, falling gently but also with a touch of pure green of spring, summer dressed in red walking all the way to gently, affectionately embracing cheek to autumn, a slight blush  …  A fall of Yela world to know, a long forest road, covered with a thick layer of leaves Juan Juan tenderness, light and elegant skirt sleeve of a robe, dancing with the autumn limp walk in the forest, and no lack of Painting Chuchu Sheng Hong, a ray home the taste of grace, tenderness million  …  Autumn leaves tumble, filling worldly vicissitudes lonely, Forget the past leaves lifted sometime dress, a wave of youthful graceful swing, float to the surface layers of ripples Akiba language poetry, filled with melancholy eyes in mind, lovingly  …  Akiba poem, how many men of letters as you sing the word Fu, Yang Wanzai spread a thread Ruxia Autumn sky, twist to the ancient wisteria vine, the romantic winding melody a friend as a mirror, autumn thick, you smile still, sweet and lovely  …

Hurry, forget the time already.Suddenly, I heard a muffled sigh, the flowers.Fog, wet lintel.There are broken beads, gently slide.Everything changed its appearance.Quartzite, strewn with a few fallen leaves.We are cautious footsteps away, as if it was a living creature leaves.Amitabha.Donor, where have you been?Wind-off, a leaf flutter.Mountains and water fleeing.Trees are back.I want to catch the wind, the wind is gone, yet cool Qinru my Shuangbin.Sad cool, faded youth.Like a tree pulled out of the ground, flying up loose soil.My eyes would also like to capture what.Dry branches already no sound.Only this sandy land are full of all sorts of symbols.Like a naughty child, so abstract.But there are endless interpretation, different symbolic, and endless significance.Perhaps, in this world once, perhaps, today turned into a maybe.But perhaps because of this, my heart there is a possibility.I think tomorrow there is a new hope.I did not hesitate, I hesitate to use the teardrop, this life gently cohesion.Has been so quiet.Quiet only hear a rumor, I heard a leaf fall.Fall to make a dream, gently wetting.