That burst of the late Qing Dynasty, white blue states have a cow Pingzhen six houses have Arita, considered a well-off in the local.Bovine six parents died, he was not yet a wife, a single person, eat and drink costs very casual, never knew the word frugal.One day, a pair of fleeing to the town of mother and daughter.That daughter is only sixteen and seventeen, hungry skinny, sunken eyes, a look of dishes.Bun shop boss gave them alms several beef buns, just give the old lady a daughter to eat, the rest are all stuffed into broken burden of.Others asked why she does not eat, she said, can not eat, such as the day the event is not on the charity of the good-hearted people, can save lives.Cattle six to watch for a while, when moved compassion, thinking their own home anyway, some house, some food, put this poor mother and daughter back home, day three meals, eat full control tube.Water Mingjiao daughter, who lives in six cattle for some time, his face shiny with a look, it was in a very pretty young lady.A water have six pairs of cattle meant water on the whereabouts of the Arab-Israeli mother propose marriage.The old lady anxious it, one hundred promise.That night on the arrangements for the two round the room, picking up a six white cow wife, saving money even media.After marriage, the mother and daughter became the owner of the guests, six cattle food in good order.Cattle six pairs of mother and daughter ninety-nine satisfied, the only complaint is that the wife’s mother felt a bit annoying.Six cattle used to eat and drink, thinking about how to eat to how to eat, eat, regardless of shining white rice or flowing fat oil to pour a bucket, do not feel a little pity, do not know Yang Zhu a chicken ah one to pick.After the mother and daughter, watching cattle six so spoil food, terribly distressed.Eat every meal, the mother and daughter not only the rice bowl of rice a pullout is not left into the mouth, falling on the table rice children, they also pick up clean, even in the rest of the dish juice children, I can not bear to discard, keep rice under the Dayton.If let the old lady to cook, it is even more absurd, she even left Dayton on rice crust are reluctant to wash, then pour it into the cooked rice.Boiled rice, treat her baby, not a drop left the whole drunk.Cattle six times looked very angry, the heart that I’m not enough of you to eat, really Sigui cast tire, hungry, scared!One day, six cattle uphill want to play game, to take cover when debris room, saw the corner was a small child urn.Kicked kick, feeling very heavy, glancing curiously opened the urn lid, which actually is a urn full of rice.He exclaimed, scratching his head and wonder, migang obviously placed in the outhouse, who is in possession of this urn a meter?I thought that he come to understand that this woman must have been a good thing to do.Then he came to the gas, you live and eat in my home, my family was still secretly hidden meters, in the end want to do?When he was angry, simply not up to the mountains, put the urn meters hold out, shouting to mother and child.Look a little old lady urn, was immediately understand why my colleagues, and even said: my possession, something to do with the Arab-Israeli water.Cattle six straight face ask: do you hide meters?Want to change money so take it?The old lady hurriedly waved: No, no, I I I I just want to hide something to eat, so that my heart was at ease.Cattle six dissatisfaction hum loudly: really want to do forever hungry!The old lady uneasy, looking down along the brain listened son made a pass temper, sighed softly and said: Cattle six Yeah, you’re right child, you are not tasted hungry, I’m hungry and scared to.From small to large, I have been over the full meal hunger and meal, when her family enough to eat, married people have enough to eat, my biological mother, and you never met the wife’s father, as well as two Arab water siblings, are to die of hunger,.As the saying goes, when you think of hunger when food festival, when you think of winter clothing when married, although we now worry about food and clothing, but also can not patronize the immediate future was thinking, hiding something to eat, if and to what time, but it can help her six cows hiccup hiccup weave said a Chase, some of them angry, waving: line of the line, until that time you say it.You give me something to hide out, this will not be at my home in eastern Tibet Tibet!The old lady whispered softly mouth, would like to say, A water hastily pulling her sleeves.The old lady sighed reluctantly, had to take the cattle stolen from six to go.Cattle six followed her all the way around, turned around in their own house, and saw the old lady come up with the same kind of thing in a nook and corner, just like magic in general, let him see straight eye.Since finished placed in a pile, all eat, there are meters and valleys, there is oil there is salt, cassava, sweet potatoes, taro and all his family and some things she stashed some.Cattle six looked at this pile of food, is simply dumbfounding, he said a few old lady, this thing is over.After some time, the old lady suddenly ill afford, and soon died.After six cattle after a funeral, finishing houses, but also from many nook in the corner to eat out a lot, so this old lady still can not change her problems, still surreptitiously hiding things.After the old lady died, six cattle still occasionally found hidden in the house to eat, the original A water with her mother, but also love to eat hidden problems.WWW.5aigushi.COM Every time found that six cattle always ridiculous, will inevitably have to care about it A water.A water each time did not dare to tell, always said that the future must be changed, but I could get rid of.One day, heavy rain, to the evening, suddenly came six cattle revelry.What may not have ready-made dishes at home, the rain stop, can not go to town to buy, chickens to kill ducks, always find it troublesome.And turn in the house suddenly remembered that there are a few pieces of bacon at home, it is the finest delicious drinks.He opened the store bacon cylinders look, inside empty.He even racking our brains, there are a few clearly remember Yeah, these days they ate, how it’s gone?I asked A water, A water face shabu red, whispered softly said: yes, yes I hid Tibetan Tibet,!You hide ass ah?Cattle six fire, I do not give out!A water ran over debris in the room, holding a pile of debris in a small urn to.Into the daylight look, I can not help but pale.The original cork top half of the lid missing, look like being bitten off by rats.Removed the cork, reaching a dig, just pull out the leftover pieces of rat skin.A water fall that fell to the floor, tears streaming down shabu, plus she is sad remorse, good bacon was hit mice ruined.Cattle six current rage see stars.He was quite sad rats eat bacon, but now feel the burn, anxious and other food drinks, who knows his wife actually made such a stupid thing, and today it is the Dayton wine drinking does not become!He angrily slap shot past, then shouted: After you learn your mother again, I go back to your home to go to, when you Sigui it!With this the lesson, A water really changed something wrong, he did not dare to eat a possession.

A cold late autumn, on campus bathed in yellow parasol trees.    ”Teacher, we have in the classroom.”Tom Lark-like sound, to bring the message of spring.    On the teaching building stairs, just met Wenlang group of people who go down.They just nostalgia in the classroom.I see, one by one “old” students shouted to me “good teacher,” I hastened to respond to one side, while the search for the corresponding seven years ago in the mind of the face.    Time flies, they have graduated 17 years.    When they are with a teacher when I just work first students.Remember when I was secretary of the band came to the classroom, introducing them to my new teacher, my heart is full of apprehension, I just graduated from college, could manage only a little more than I do three or four students?Moreover, they are still graduating class, will all “Oil Stick” of it?Later, Wen Long squad leader said to me: “Teacher Do not worry, I’ll help you.”At the time I really felt instantly comforted.    Later in the year, we get along fairly harmonious.I remember the lessons of not roll up a newspaper and morning exercises Diqing Wei Zhong, they deliberately loudly cried in great pain, again and again, laughing ensure not the next.Remember the winter in order to deal more and more serious Kuang morning exercise behavior, I announced the first night, the next morning to go and investigate morning exercises.Yet when I finally struggled out of bed, but found that the operator is not raining outside.Remember the lesson I kept nagging Xu Chang an hour, he squinted at me in silence, I turned around, just lying on the table to sleep.Remember I went to the girls bedroom, listening to Tom and say Xiaoxia class gossip gossip, hear me forget I am a teacher.Remember Wenlang and Tom to my dorm cooking, their craft a lot better than me, that makes me a real treat dish.Remember Liping told me that I am not like the teacher, not the teacher’s dignity.I remember being in class, the classroom was silent, Tao suddenly blurting: “Teacher, I know you’re very gentle,” let me by surprise speechless.Remember the words of praise star is very beautiful, and then he pointed to the words on the blackboard I commented that the teacher’s word is very pretty.Remember Wenlang and Ah Wang took me to visit this West Lake, but lost his way, let me go almost broken foot.Remember their graduation day, number of days of heavy rain the flooding on campus, only to rush farewell…..    They are my first students, it has a different meaning for me.A year to get along, we are both teachers and students, but also friends.My new teacher to grow into old teacher, from their school to the community, we grow together.They have youth in my figure, my youth there they smile.    Deliberative floor next to a lush pine and cypress, camphor, and also the same as seven years ago.They posed for joy in front of the building, hugging.A week ago are rainy, God specifically for today’s gathering became clear.Warm in the sun, but also to bring a smile to let the sun heat.    ”I also know what?”” Do you remember who this is?”Female students kept questioning belated Ah Wang.    ”of course I remember.You are XX.”Ah Wang forehead in a row to shoot straight hair erect, proud self-confidence.The correct answer to a big hug.”Your name.?”Ah Wang Guorong looked emaciated than before, thinking wildly.Well, the name is on the lips, but did not come through.Or to a big hug.The crowd laughed, laughter rippling maneuver in the air.    We go on the road together on campus, talk talk.Skies are blue, bright yellow ginkgo leaves in the breeze swagger.    ”There was once a factory.”” No, no, factory over there.”” Piece of river it?Bridge it?Billboards still has not changed.”” This is what former canteen?Ah, here is the location of the cinema.”Marching, years back in the river.Verbal exchanges, the recovery of memories.Time Machine “wind,” to open soon return to the past.Things transformation, marshes.Fortunately, you can still see the same smile when you meet.    Yuan Tang in school lunch, sit in two tables.    Xu Qiang and Chang came from Shanghai, attracted a new round greet boom.When Xu Chang suck smoke oblique point of time in the mouth, the eyes, “ruffian ruffian,” look, and exactly the same as the year.    We respect each other with wine.Students to respect me, are to take care to say: “Teacher, I kill, you are free.”” Teacher, I respect you.”State-hui went to another table from me,” Teacher, you kill, I randomly.”I quickly end the wine to stand up, and he clinked glasses, drank a small mouth.Remember when graduation dinner, Hui country in order to force me to drink, put my chopsticks are not allowed to take off my bite.It can be difficult to deal with child.    State-hui said: “Teacher, you did not catch it?I say that you kill, I randomly.”Small eyes reveals a conspiracy to succeed proud.    Relative luminance country naughty, the other male students on aging and more.Star laments the middle-aged, three high.Health sigh environmental pollution, low immunity.You have to healthy living ah.Drink less and less smoke less and exercise more entertaining.No old teacher, what do you do with worry.    In front of the building Munetomo photo.Wenbin jumped onto the table, one hand held high in one hand akimbo schematic, quite great momentum.The child but funny than before.Then was shot here graduation photo.They went their separate ways after graduation, and now here again gather.Year pine tall, whitewashed buildings of the year, who then has scattered the End of the World.You did not come back, okay?    The next is scheduled to play Jiande.I was hesitant.Ultimately could not withstand their sincere invitation Ruanmoyingpao hui country coercion, and my heart want and they are happy with desire.    Dealers high-speed, all the way out at the forest autumn is strong, mottled.Chatting, soon to.    Roadside rendezvous with the students of Jiande victory.Tom said the stocky honest as mayor Li Yuan.This official hat too low, or at least it should be mayor ah.Lihua said Suping woman full of flavor, not like the previous tomboy.Qi Huai holding a child, she was still a child-like ah.World hung stiffly standing by, the host is not too heavy burden?Wu made the time to see, attracted everyone exclaimed, “Is not it?How long so fat?”Then a mighty group of people ready to pick oranges.In the car on the mountain road circling the hillside of orange trees with fruit, mouthwatering.On the roadside waiting for a little while, Wen Long playfully picking on the roadside oranges, which can really craving Tom’s daughter.Tom went Wenlang to discuss the.People sharing a car to eat, really sweet ah.    After World Hung took us to the fishing village Sanjiangkou.Here it is located in Xin’an River, Fuchun River, Lanxi Sanjiang confluence.Since the late hour, it will be inconvenient for fear of picking up the mountain in the village around.Black tiles and white walls of the old house, simple thick.Huazhexiaochuan fisherman, leisurely glide in the water.Cornices auditorium white wall that read a long history presentation.Ma Ci playing workshops, traditional crafts people to try it, but soft and waxy and warming up Ma CI more attractive.A group of people rush to get the monkey in Ma fried rice cake to eat, the boss kept count, Wenlang pay later.This squad has always been good monitor it.    Promenade weeping into the water, seen from afar is rolling hills, sunset faint, far from the shimmering river.Walking on the promenade, we are still talking and laughing with each other.What a beautiful fishing village in the evening.    Not to pick, SANCARE not let you empty-handed, then contact the farm to buy oranges.While waiting, we looked at the orange roadside tree, really antsy.    Long before there demonstration files stolen orange after-hui has urged the country’s instigation, Tom then embarked on a “crime”.There is a roadside orange forest, Tom said to steal to eat two oranges.At first she was very scared, they have to hand pick the most of a tree by the roadside, Hui distant country in the car conductor said: “roadside oranges bad, pick inside!”Tom immediately obey, to the forest.Hui said the driver of the country: “You are a man, you should go ah.”State-hui said:” Just because I am a man, can not go.Woman was caught, she could blow off Johnson made Fadia.It is not, I can go to her redemption.”We are listening to music, when the eldest child of wisdom is to.    Tom finally came back, pocket hand six or seven oranges.We asked her how so greedy ah.She said with deep feeling: “I think one person, have had to eat.”This is really really touching loyalty.    We enjoy the pleasant “swag” gone back only to find a large force.Chasing a section of the road, did not see the other car.Which it seems to bend with the lost.Micro-channel contact quickly, but we saw other people in the group made a photo.They are farm yard, side to orange crates, while bingeing.Our “runs the risk” of a car is really the envy of jealous hate, only constantly remind them that we do not forget to install several boxes ah.    Bridge in Sanjiang no choice but to wait for the return of a large force.Sun fell from the side of the mountain, the Peak Tower, raising pond pearls, small boats and fishermen, are disappearing in the twilight.    After you join, arrive at the hotel the night.Lunch in two tables, everyone says that chatting is not fun, it is a circle of people sitting closely huge round table in the dining room nearly ten meters in diameter edge.    Long Hui Wen country toast the start to take the lead.A clockwise and a counter-clockwise, past a classmate King.Jing-hui around the country to be the position down, Wenlang still half turn, respect to female students over there is difficult to cross the border.Slowly, the students start you respect me, I respect you, warm up the atmosphere.    Element to end the cup sit next to me, looked solemn and said: “Teacher, I feel it, you.”I heard him saying, and think that they live in the scene, can not help but Yankuangshirun.Element to think I have it moved, said: “Teacher, I do not say, I respect you.”I will end his glass in one gulp, then left.After a while, Li Yuan and the end of the glass sit next to me, still look dignified, it’s still just those words, I saw tears again when coming down, Li Yuan again drank wine, stood up and left.Alas, I did not expect Element to have so many words and I want to say.And other third Element to sit next to me, I almost cried and asked him: “Li Yuan, you are special to come to what I say cry?”Element to pause for a moment and said:” Teacher, I have to ask you.You write a message on my graduation book half What does it mean?”After seventeen years the original Element to the heart has been buried with questions about that half of the sentence, and now finally asked out using alcohol, but also in the two I cry.    They are a little drink high.Some students drink blush, some students drink more than words, and some students began to walk swinging drink.    After dinner in the luxurious KTV crazy fun.    Tom sang “frontier of spring water and clear,” clear voice sounds good.Hui said that this country is Tom then teach you to sing the first song, he has been obsessed.Unexpectedly, Qiang sing a lot of popular songs.Unexpectedly, SANCARE looks very thin, singing energy is great, earth-shattering those rock songs sung.Unexpectedly, Suping Wu hair and singing “I love you”, that is too Biao treble heaven into the earth.The most confused of the night is Wenlang.When Lihua sing, drink faint text but Long cut her song, and then said to the teacher to sing a song.I said, how do you Cherie Hua songs?People sing good.He also said no dizzy.And drunk people really makes no sense to tell ah.Wen Long on over and over, he quickly went to tell Lihua confessing his sin, he faint and went.After a while, Wenlang was filled room to find his bag, and so to get, but also cute tilted his head, said: “This package can be important, ah, money inside.”Then put a bag, and shake to go with confused.I would go, Wenlang came over and said to me to sing a song.I said, ah sung.He puzzled and asked, “sang the?Really sung?”After I get a positive reply, he told me to sacrifice my song, song sets point to the ‘Northern Spring’, pulled in front of me to listen to him over and over.I just sat back position no one will Wenlang and shook me and said: “Teacher, I want to offer song to you, Northland.”Later, Northland sing it three times, in three versions.Really dumbfounding ah.    Lively dance music led the whole the best.Active to inactive students were rushed to the middle of the room, everyone dancing together.Xuejun and Hui country to stand on the speaker, waving his arms and led the audience.Xuejun took the microphone, as if the professional DJ in general, directing all twisted up.When Tom Diqing suddenly put him up on the speakers, the audience most enthusiastic moment appeared.After entered the crazy stage, the boys learn to Diqing kind, dragging female students holding onto the speakers.More crazy is that, under the command of the military school, a group of people even I live, country hard-hui drag me to see?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / sanwenzhuanti / 2010/0123/15744.HTML “target = ‘_ blank’> like  shake buildings ?Sleeper Connaught axillary administer about Hou He stir vessels coarse mirror Shen Greek  groove enzyme  betray Ь mesh Zheng?ldquo; left about “swinging.    And with them, young people have become.    Xu Chang with emotion, told me: “My grandfather’s people are to do, to see how they are still like children do?”Then he said he had been naive before, asked me if I thought he was a bad person.I smiled and answered him: “You are certainly not bad.You just do not learn it.I have never done a bad thing ah.”Xu Chang quietly smoking, drinking.After a while, I began to sigh, and then asked me again that he is not a bad man.It seems that today many people have been set up “repeat” mode of.    To zero over, the carnival fun.World hung on behalf of Jiande students short speech, almost make me cry.I said to you: “No matter what time you get together again, no matter where you at a party, I am willing to participate.”I would always retain this teacher-student friendship.

Cool early autumn, yellow leaves of garden trees were blown in one place sometime, too late to turn around, remember to unprovoked strikes, flooded.  That indifferent to the past, hazy and clear, lament fleeting across the hairline at the moment, will do sentimental nostalgia, the share of precipitation ancient dedication.Pick up a yellow leaves, as if to pick up through the fall, listing the emotions, the only eternal good faith, seeking enlightenment share had moved but still have pain sun burning skin, that swaying affair actually have nowhere to hide.Wind blowing, leaves as the sky flying their full Jiao Zi hundred pro, dancing and enjoy the brief vacated comfortable, revel in the fairy tale dream.  Review Chuan interest rates more than the flow of people, the evidence seems clear understanding of the fleeting trace all the way to joy and love Homecoming.Cameo in complex relationships, as the arrest of moths, dilemma, if I’d rather be putting out the fire in order to loyalty I, but the long-cherished wish interlocking fingers.  Fingertips fleeting, bear enumerate.In every “cool through the night early” evening, indulge surging trend, slipping dream of sails, toward the edge of the night, I believe is the beginning of the end edge!  Aizaishenqiu, with several trace.They seek love, once luxurious homes, with safe life!

When [REVIEW] have a feeling when you wake up at midnight, your pillow wet with tears, only to find you, that you like to call the girl heartless man, really, really gone.  When the setting sun, is the most beautiful sunset?It should be the deepest in the fall of that touch of sunset bar!  - Inscription If I lost the ability to speak, what will become of me?I think the time is there a touch of sunset on top of the head, with the nature of sway with red dye, it does not seem to be transformed into a grand wedding feast would not give up the sky like.    Please forgive my poor imagination.I just returned from a wedding feast to come out, drink a little red wine is said to be capable of beauty, but normally I do not drink the people, so it is to drink a little red wine, so there is a feeling a little drunk.Only to hear a lot of words of blessing rippling in the ears, eyes all red, all red rouge layer of even the bride’s face.    This is a kind of never had the feeling, very warm, very happy, very short.Knowing that, no matter how good feast, when there will be scattered when the happy couple into a happy new home, who will care about, leave the back, some people are feeling frustrated.    Although I am not the only person secretly depressed, but I was her sister.Sister looked pale face, I really do not know what to say.In front of people really sad, all the words of comfort are so lied.I only clutched her sister’s hand, with the wind blowing river in the river, watching the river flow through the rush, and water at the end of day, are without shelter stopped smoke, in the sunset, a faint glow red.Like her sister’s eyes, but also a touch of glowing red.    Sister is a very quiet girl, quiet to others tend to be ignored.So I always say to her sister: “You can not be so quiet, you can put your idea in mind to tell him?”I say he is our next door to a boy.Very sunny, very energetic, and when he smiles at you, you will have a feeling of autumn sun shines on the body.We grew up with playmates, we think we know each other who can not replace, but we forget, everyone will have their own ideas, what do you think of when.You really only thought of.So, ten years later, he gave positioning sister: is a quiet sister.The sister was in ten years time, weaving in a most beautiful love.    Sister always called me with a smile: “how do you always so heartless ah!Why did not you let a man you love it?”I will fight back with a smile:” Because I love my sister from the mother’s stomach were taken away, so I tried to eat besides, nothing will.”Yes, we are sisters, and sisters are twins, so I see my sister like to see another self in the mirror.I saw my sister’s love for the boys, so I chose the boy as his brother.But I forget, this kind of thing, not by a person in charge of my.When the boys first handed me a love letter, I know, some things.Really is doomed.    ”I really will leave you.”When the last time the boys around me, there are just a leaf falling to the top of my head.    ”All the way to treasure.”I only said the words, they never ran and walked away.I’m not heartless, but because it is just words, I have exhausted all the strength.I do not want defeated in the face of a loved one.    Yes, I love him, love him ten years, love him like a sister, like ten years.I know he loves me ten years.However, when the family encounters love, I would not hesitate to choose family.I can not ignore my delight in the pain accomplish my favorite sister, so I do not love, so I chose to live heartless.    But these, I will never tell my sister.I’ll stay with my sister cry, accompanied her sister to laugh, but I will not let my sister accompanied me sad.Because I am a heartless girl.That always smiled and called me heartless girl who never scolded me so.    And not be slow river is still flowing in, because they came up with it will reach the goal?So will such a calm and prosperous.The mind can not help but think of a poem: “You live the Yangtze River head, I live in the Yangtze River tail, day thinking Do not you see Jun, drink from the water of the Yangtze River.”Yes, after the knot married, they will go to Shanghai to begin their new life in the bustling city of tall.I will in this River City, keep looking at a happy, but I have lost the ability to love.    Sister quiet tears, suddenly, she spoke to say the thing that I will never forget, she quietly looked at me, asked softly: “Do you know why I’m crying it?I was made for you ah!I am your sister ah!Do you think sacrifice their own happiness I’ll be happy you?How can you be so silly?””What makes you say that?”” You should ask why only now you say, he will not let me say ah!He said he will want to bet a love.If you can not in the end a compromise for love, then he really will leave you completely.”I know that one day I might feel sorry, but I never thought it would be such a way.It turned out that love is not missed me, but I failed love.I thought I sake, as I think that the leaves should be tightly nestled together with trees.I did my best to keep this piece of beautiful leaves fall off the trees, but the time to fruition, but I forget the most natural way is to make it one after another falling.    When autumn rolled Akiba Hou dancing in the sunset, so beautiful, in addition to the fall season to be replaced by?Like some people, some things, you traveled far far away when you think you really forgotten.But when there is a feeling when you wake up at midnight, your pillow wet with tears, only to find you, that you like to call the girl heartless man, it really, really is gone.    Leaving only love, in late autumn sunset, burning, endless.‥

Text / Zhaoyuan Bo Han Zhang Li Li’s brother was young, to the identity of an audience with the Viceroy Tai magistrate, after the salute, Lee Han Zhang big flights of fancy sitting in a chair next to Tai, Tai very angry, a little magistrate, dare take such liberties , arrogant, scold him to stand aside.Yu Tai later told other officials, Li Han Zhang who was too arrogant, a certain fame in the future as much as I.Lee Han Zhang later governor really did it, the greater the officer, the greater the shelves, sent the nickname Li shelves.People in Lee Han Zhang opponents at all rude, put enough shelves, each to affiliated sites, when subordinates and offer tea, he spoke slowly sipping tea, has the gall to make a pipe against the servant point, slowly suck when the half-years, put enough Puer.However, Lee Han Zhang is picking up soft persimmon pinch, experiencing the kind of hard bone, he can not just keep up appearances.Censor Tan Zhonglin put under the Zhejiang local prefect when, according to the prevailing bureaucratic practices, Tan Zhonglin supposed to Meet Lee Han Zhang.Meet at the time, Li Han Zhang as usual or carelessly sat in return, this is a bloody Tan Zhonglin people, and sometimes fire, Hula stood up and loudly asked: adults you do something wrong foot?Lee Han Zhang replied: no.Tan Zhonglin asked: adults you blind yet?Lee Han Zhang replied again: no.Tan Zhonglin angrily and said: Now that you are an adult legs good, nor blind eye, then I worship adults, adults have no reason not salute it?Today I officer can not do it, but you can not not salute Lee adults.Then, angrily out of Yamen.Lee Han Zhang was the first time encountered people like Tan Zhonglin, embarrassed, thought to want to feel a bit too much, personally come to apologize to Tan Zhonglin, this matter is considered closed.Now some people, not official, but a large shelf of incredibly arrogant result is themselves so they get embarrassed, disgraced itself.

In Nanjing airport terminal back to Beijing, come early, plenty of time, I sat in the waiting hall doing nothing, watching people coming and going.In the end Nanjing, Beijing than to warm.There are several days away from the beginning of summer, all the girls can not wait to wear short skirts and sandals.I sat across from a woman look older thirty years old, and as a young girl, wearing a knee-length skirt, and in solar terms, also running for ages.    He came an elderly couple sitting next to me on vacancy.Listen to them speak perfect Beijing dialect, you know the old Beijing.They speak the voice of some big, some apparently her husband’s ears back, and age does not forgive.But look at their age, in fact, also of seventy, not too much.Listen to them speak, is in Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang in a circle, flew back to Beijing from Nanjing.    Suddenly, I found their voices become small down.Such a small voice, audible wife, husband actually can not know.However, his wife, lowered his voice still talking, but try to stick in the mouth of her husband’s ear.I vaguely heard really like!so similar!They repeatedly said several times, endless sigh in it.    Sound can be down, but look confused thoughts leaked.Along the old couple’s eyes, I found that they both eyes fell on the woman across from him.    I carefully looked at the woman and found her black skirt and sky blue long-sleeved shirt, as well as the feet of a pair of white Nike sneakers, a good fit.And her haircut Qi ears, short hair, is also a good fit.Of course, and her delicate body more ride.Much like an athlete.In fact, the skirt is not suitable for all women, in her body, but skirts the finishing touch, so extraordinarily beautiful pair of legs.    Like, who is this woman very much like it?My heart will guess, probably like the old couple’s daughter, right?Under the sun, you can experience very similar to the probability of two people, not high.This woman, let the old couple to think of what their loved ones.Otherwise, they would not talk so quietly, the sound is very low, but some emotion.It can make people emotional, not their loved ones, who would it be?    I saw, suddenly Yanzui wife Puchi smile, he laughed along with her husband.I guess, and certainly laugh about this woman opposite, but did not disturb this woman, she is still beautiful legs tilted, looking at mobile phone, mouth curved’re smiling, but her smile and the old couple unrelated, probably a micro-channel or a friend on a cell phone rings or have any fun piece of information.    Why do not you talk to her talk about?You go to say, I am an old man, I am embarrassed to hear the old couple’s conversation, he looked at his wife stood up, and turned things are directed at the husband said something I rushed ahead!They went across the front of the woman, he simply said: girl, you disturb it!The woman put down the phone, stand up and politely asked: Auntie, do you have anything?This is, you look very much like our daughter.Then, his wife opened their phones to see this woman, probably find photos of her daughter, the woman could not help but exclaimed: it is too much like a!How can it be like this!I could not help but glance at the side of the husband, he has been smiling at the woman.    We want to take a picture together and you do not know can not?His wife said politely.It too!Later I have to ask you to put your daughter’s photos on my phone it!    Her husband got up, went to the woman’s side, his wife at me and said: could you help us take a picture!She handed the phone in my hand.I do not see the photo on the phone, do not know their daughter and their side like this woman in the end how, but from their conversation that his daughter ten years ago to study in the United States, working to stay in the United States after graduation, busy with work , elementary school children and just can not do without people, have not been home for five years.Yearning to be like this woman around her daughter’s index adding to the score.    According over with, I handed the phone to his wife when the husband heard this woman simply said: children, I can hold you about it?Woman held out her arms hugging him live.I saw his eyes with tears Tang Chu.I did not think that, at that moment, this woman also shed tears.

“F4 you know?” ‘Well, you know, but how much F4 are old-fashioned, ah,’ you chat with a young tight entertainment and information, F4 is what you ask him, he’ll tell you.  He must have told you this, certain things, huh, huh, with the popular meant that sooner or later one day you will fall behind, become old-fashioned.    But the music of that era, like “Meteor Rain”, “I really really love you,” and so it is still worth listening to, worthy of our music heard miss their own, in those songs, they want that time people think of those past stories ever existed.  You listen to music, you can think of some years, I think of a group of young people moved,.  We are the University of Reading in 2001, while university enrollment has caught up, all of a sudden students can go to college up more opportunities, but did not alleviate the holy status of university in our minds, I always think of the ivory tower university campus very sacred, very pure, the taste is very unique to the idol.  University campus is beautiful, living in this university, of course, look forward to the perfect love.  Walking in the university campus, how much hope and your favorite people to meet by chance, the way that you live up to the university a good time, is not it?    One year to go to winter time, the TV, there are a few big boys keep long hair, with the TV in the background meteor across the sky, gently singing “accompany you to see the meteor shower, let your tears fall in my shoulder,..”To the later” I really really love you “this combination they fire up all of a sudden, we also know they call this combination F4, they are in peak time entertainment, this combination of words Cheng Xu even directly by plane parachuted into a university in Sichuan, causing college students, especially female students who are crazy restlessness, more than anything else now are professors, what big legs, but also the peak times, people want to know the university or a little taste, not casually to like the idea of what the idol, and these universities who, like so much F4, like “meteor garden”, indicating that the drama is still worth seeing, but also that these idols are very high of.  At that time the media noticed this phenomenon, said at the time those students too superficial, though indeed the truth, but really I do not think anything, quite normal, a handsome boy image point, point tall, shy Point , quite talented, has the temperament of youth, people will like, nothing idol.  At that time the campus, there are a lot of students also played with pop style, build from the hair, looks count a little style, although it seems that some naive and pale, but I finally feel a little style, huh.  Universities are not independent properties will talk about it, a little personality to it, ha ha.    At that time our school campus life, there are many, many other little tales, some people will hold up in the mountains near the lake behind the school hand, a pair another pair walked from the Castle Lake, like shopping classmates will go to schools across the Rainbow Department Store and Nanjing road pressure the road late into the night, people would go to watch a sea of people Bayi Square, Zhongshan road pedestrian street to eat snacks.  Huang classmates and I used to go together Nanchang Meiling, go there to find another school to play high school students, students Huang was long a bit like Jeff Chang, he is very popular for girls, he occasionally met a female student talking downstairs words, can not tell what will be red in the face, then it will become big news throughout the hostel, dormitory there are people too often satisfied with their own hair is not enough, every day, barber, domineering exposed.Oh, at that time, had just appeared in the network, QQ, the Internet, games, etc. these things, just had time overnight Internet concept, these are young in the past, are the memories of the past, like the movie “Legends years “memories of past lives, we want to be like that riding a white horse, unruly hair from Pete, who also had unruly and frivolous years, we have very handsome, very content!      Time unknowingly designated point to another, to this day, a few of ,, F4 guy in my opinion although not my writing connotation, but saw their combined name, hear the music, but also easy for those who remember the past, the campus 2001-2005.  This time, there are people who do not know now who remember the past in 2003, the story about the 2004 F4, F4 write those songs are pretty good singing, love there bright and clean, but there are sad old tune I hope the story of youth, youth of the text, to continue their efforts to pass down, I want to remember those days, our youth, we have.

[REVIEW] I seem to become a leaf white feathers, no unnecessary grief, nor blind joy, just like a feather gently feeling faint, to empty everything, noble and pure soul became an instant the.Can not remember the first time I hear this song is when light music, only clearly remember that since the beginning, it almost became my daily need, like water, like rice, one or two days do not eat, will not be dead, but uncomfortable the extreme.I do not know Daniel Deng master why he named it “empty”, because even I do not understand very musical person, which could hear themselves: there are no empty air, the air has a different type of world.Perhaps, he felt things hustle and bustle, the amount of personnel is difficult, desire and Sunian blurred people’s attention.So, want to empty it “angular” dust of capsules, with music forging paradise on earth, paradise, people washing impetuous but covered with grime hearts.If a book has a preface, it is also true light music.(But a bit needs to be emphasized, before and after I have chosen the version for 4 minutes 06 seconds, so it’s “preamble” the time spent exactly one minute.) “Preamble” to create a mood, ethereal live and breathe clean dust-free.Listening to it, I seem to no longer reality, I live in the world of music created by: Aoyama sometimes sit listening to the birds chirping, sometimes by water pacing find beautiful, sometimes seek to find the rise of the sun, and sometimes enjoy gentle breeze was blowing, sometimes..Uninhabited Chongsan, agreeable environment everywhere, so that the annihilation skies, tall mountains and.”Shan Kwong Yue birds of” cicada shy like hiding under the branches, singing loud songs; sparrows flying to catch the mystery hidden in the woods, twittering barking; Oriole Romans, no longer “Ming Cui Liu, “transformed tolls from the bamboo; how can cicadas durability lonely and indifferent, not to also participate in this music party?Enjoy the singing.”Chanzao forest more than quiet, more secluded mountain birds”.A clear stream from an unknown distance, winds from the dense jungle Cong.Sometimes quiet, quiet no noise; sometimes noisy, bit off the sound, intoxicating cochlea.Accompanied by the sound of water from one kind of gurgling so far I did not understand the empty song, buzzing, mellow mellow.I think, given some shallow lake, right in the depths of a stream, lake has fish, tadpoles swim like Xiang shallow; there are frogs, stone mussels of the genus in which kicking sit.In the middle of the music, from time to time there will be frogs mussels sound came, the whole piece of music to add a lot of soothing.Lake reflection, like a black and white photograph of a beautiful moment freeze.Exposure here, “Tan Ying empty heart,” Let me once that person is not suck, once those are not the things that bothered me, quietly facing the lake, they also think it is a free and happy man.Streams on both sides, sporadically hanging on “fresh grass”, verdant leaves some children dew, dew sparkling like a beloved girl to wipe tears.Over time, it spreads out the dew, inadvertently wet leaves, and some, like defeated soldiers with veins homeopathic slipped; some relic is so reluctant to be away from home, but always want to leave; there like the smoke curl dancing sublimated.In such a poised, graceful wildflowers, eye candy.Butterfly freedom across it, in pairs, fly down fly, fly in fly outside; some open dragonfly romantic, forget all hugged and kissed; bees do not understand romance, may also disdains romantic, just keep picking the pollen.The fallen chaos, suspended air, like Falling snowflakes gentle, affectionate these gentle watery off than water, into the earth, willingly became a quadrangle messengers.At this time, from the mountains to see the sun, the sun was young, release both tenderness interest better light, it seems to want to glance seems like a woman of rare multi-secret jungle?But the dense jungle foliage is the best embellishment, but also the best jungle modesty umbrella.Therefore, the sun no matter how hard they try, it is difficult through this heavily green leaves.Occasionally, there will be still a few beams of light penetrated the lucky and see, but given time not too long, because the sun automatically remove the older, shy.Then, like the mountains windy, slightly, as if to sing folk songs, passionately blowing, bamboo wind chimes and should be issued and wildly as clear crisp sound, but not all, may indeed wind chimes in production this is the first time it will be light music as an integral part of the soundtrack, because that’s crisp and clear sound to the point where they can not do.Of these, some Truly I heard some of my fanciful imagination, but it encompasses content merely “preface” in the first 25 seconds, and then, I was completely fascinated An impact of ancient musical instruments, like the sound of water off than the sound of water more ethereal; like birdsong birdsong more off than mildly; like wind chimes ring sounds off than wind.High and low, slightly heavy, crunchy clear, intermittent, staggered rings.I seem to become a leaf white feathers, no unnecessary grief, nor blind joy, just like a feather gently feeling faint, to empty everything, noble and pure soul became an instant the.In the “preamble” gradual end, came the sound of loose powder monastery beat the wooden fish, Red Buddhist nuns away, fled to Buddhism, empty mind at ease.Wan Lai quiet suddenly, like spring water ice crystals, not smooth flow, only the vast and distant song is still empty, I do not know what will happen, I do not know what the voice will sound unnatural people into a kind of conjecture, as anxious the answer is so eager to know, this desire to make people feel better and make people uncomfortable, “do not worry there is quiet Anhen students, then silence speaks,” here is another uncomfortable feel better.”Paddle” is heard, it seems that isolated situation, “eagerly” sword sound; Li Bai also deemed that laissez-faire unruly drunken sound; the sound of heavy breathing dragon Xiao Feng also deemed that go hand in hand.Cry is, I heard a cry victory.Yes, this is the sound of zither, under Daniel Deng manage master move that skilled hands, flew over the entire Castle, drunk countless like me, living thing.Initially, also like a calm lake, not surprisingly waves; but then, there is sadness, resentment, such as Mu, as if telling a sad past, has been lingering beautiful, but eventually across the sky like a meteor , flying rainbow after the rain, just a beautiful moment, unfortunately, like a long night like endless; love, casual, pain, light, air, and in the years of the rheological, resumed its former tranquility and continue to stubbornly live, just inadvertently, heard the man and the related matter will still have a trace of sadness and melancholy, but the blink of an eye it turns into the wind flew away and disappeared.This time, guqin like a quiet lake, no sorrow, no complaints, has not the slightest hatred, but, entreating the wind bring blessings, seek to empty water memory.Listen, the birds were calling, streams still drip, bamboo and then repeated the song.July 3, 2010

REVIEW: the world’s largest ocean; bigger than the ocean is the sky; bigger than the sky is the human mind!  Each flight, like a window seat to pick up the ticket at the time, as the aircraft crossed in the cloud, in a clear light state of mind, look at the scenery out the window transform the clouds, so pure of heart to the vast long air travel.    With the roar of the plane off the ground, Chongshangyunxiao moment, looked humble, thick floors, vast fields at the foot farther and farther, getting smaller and smaller, until out of sight.In this noisy earth away, also with the heart leap beyond time and space, there is a pleasure in rising prance!    And watches, blue sky, white clouds, convergence in the vast firmament end.Ahead in place, clean, clean, safe, mystery.Living in the air, nothing to tie him down, elegant as possible flying thoughts.There is no reference, like a walk in the clouds of aircraft still in general, if not the engine sound reminder, never believe are seven or eight hundred kilometers per hour in the air.Quietly feel that feeling clear sky, relaxed and comfortable.Or clouds or clouds roll Shu, smoke Si Wu, dreamlike.I can not imagine those immortal clouds on whether seclusion deep in the cloud?    Lang Lang altitude, clear expanse, bright sunshine, no clouds blocking.Either you have the worth of Red earthly care, will be cast aside, and enjoy a clear, broad and indifferent.    If the face of the sea, people feel that the broad expanse, then the face of the sky, give people the feeling is vast and mysterious.    The world’s largest ocean; bigger than the ocean is the sky; bigger than the sky is the human mind!    I suddenly remembered this quote Hugo, I think if we can also trained the “big” than the sky of mind, that this is how a broad range of pure realm of life?    Watch all the way all the way to reverie, the destination is getting closer, all on the ground gradually clear until close to the ground, the roar of the aircraft increased rapidly swept back out of the window tree houses go, will think that the speed of flying.    Oh, after take-off, sprint, walk through, landing.We went back to the ground.Once high-flying, heart enjoy a comfort to Air Tour.

It was a Sunday night, is to study hall, just past weekend due to school, I am a little busy.Etc. The next morning, just listen to the students talk about small Reiko did not come to school.  My heart whispered: She never late, today is how, and will not be sick, will not have anything at home?Suddenly, a sense of foreboding in my heart, I do not know why, my heart pain, seems to have been torn general.  The next few days, still no news of the small Reiko.I went to her house, the family also did not know, but disappeared the day called and said to go to the students for a few days, as to which the students, why go small Reiko did not say they do not know!  One night a few days later, Reiko suddenly small and dad went to school together.Small Reiko announced her decision in the classroom, and that is to drop out.Say a word, immediately he shocked everyone.With her performance, even if it is now directly into the exam, the test to a university is not a problem in general, who also could not imagine her actually at this point, even he chose to drop out.Students looked at each other, then turned to me together.  After I listened to is just like the sky falls down in general, his face frightened, confused color.He really can not figure out, I can not imagine why she should suddenly drop out, how to do after dropping out?Why is not she in advance and discuss their own, if she did have their own plan, he himself will firmly support it!Why did she disappear to these days, these days she disappeared in what happened in the end?No, I have to go and ask her, in the end what happened!Less than many think, stood up and shouted: small lemon!  But found that all the students looked at her, the eyes full of surprised and bewildered eyes!Chen Xu said: shonan, small Reiko had gone!I was surprised, frantically chasing out of the past.Just ran to the door and saw the teacher was about to come in, I gave a lot, pushing the teacher run, just heard the teacher in the back shouted: I, not class it, Where are you going!  I went to the playground and see the little Reiko and his father was about to get on the train.I screamed: small Reiko, wait for me, I have something to say to you!Small Reiko seemed reluctant, in his father’s pro-destroy, reluctantly agreed to talk to me.  Although it is early summer, tree, chirping cicadas have been barking.  why?I asked anxiously.  what why?Reiko little to say, his face full of contempt of color.  Where were you these two days, I almost frantic, and why you suddenly do not go to school, in the end what happened, you tell me?Speaking of excitement at me, she took him by the arm and asked,.  Reiko small break me, indifferent smile, said: You are my people, why should I tell you?Her words just like a bolt from the blue, in my heart explode.I was pale, stay a while, speechless, finally courage and said: I’m your boyfriend ah, ha ha ha I shrill laughter reached my ears, the laughter made him feel a little hair cold, cold little while Reiko smiled, and said: you have the face to say that I was your boyfriend, my boyfriend did not you do like this!You do not look like yourself, little man, ugly, I bet you must be the last generation to be sleepwalk killed his wife Wu Dalang.Before you do find my boyfriend, I’m really young and foolish, blind eyes.I love to talk to you for so long, when you care about me, helped me and reduction pressure.More than that, might finally together at some alone with you, you are still advised me over and over again to study hard, I was admitted to a good university!You said a few promises to me, and you said a few good words for me, you have our commitment to the future how many!I’m sick of!  I never thought she would say such a remark, even by their own piece really like her contempt, my mind went blank, and stood, did not know what to say, but do not know what to say, and perhaps himself tonight We never should have come here.  Small Reiko see I do not speak, added: my beautiful little Reiko talent, many boys chasing me, this great youth Is Why would you waste in this elm pimple body!Having small Reiko finally calmed down later, around the moment into a silence, so still take your breath away!  Long time, I break the quiet, whispered: You’re right, blame was right, these aspects I did well enough.But, I hear you say a word, okay?  Yes, I have not depicted the future for you, I have not told you how much sweet talk, I did not take you to play, to take you to the kind of entertainment to relax pressure.However, I do this to How about you, not because of my love for you do?This year most of our lifetime most important year is the most difficult year?I know you have a lot of pressure, but we just bite the bullet, hang in there, so we admitted to the university, we will be able to relax a!  What is our future, do not you know?Our future course is to get married, then get down safely over a lifetime, which I also used to say you do?If you do not get married, but for a lifetime, then why should I fall in love with you, we remain friends like it?  Yes, I have not told you a few good listener, I am the person speech was clumsy, I can not tell what a good listener?But even if I do not say, Do not you feel my love for you do?Why do not you just feel it in my heart is yours?  Yes, even so, I should make a commitment to you, so do not worry.However, I am not still learning it?No material basis for it?I can give you any promises, I can only promise you is my heart, my life is to love your heart, do not you feel Well!I am a man, I have said it must be done!  I can only swear to you, no matter what is occurring in the future, I will always love you, and I will tell you, for me, this love to take my full responsibility.I think we two good study hard, find a good job later, and then get married, Ann will be determined to spend rest of his life, that it is wrong?  Small Reiko laughed and said: Are you really a fool, dumb big, big wood, under the sun the biggest fool!Having sped away.And that I am the only tree on empty playground.Horizon moonlight hit his face, I looked up at the moon, felt very lonely and anxious heart