[] I love little fairy life after life
  [Mu Jin This should be able to score right?]
  I think it will [win] is wearing fan
  [Online gambling, are a bet Liu Liusheng]
  [Liu Liu whole quite natural, at least no surgery or injections is a spree]
  [Daily injections to maintain the beauty really can not see, no one knows]
  [Indeed, life seen an injection face, really I feel good ugly]
  [Fortunately, the artists are living in the lens, we can not see]
  [Front of the comfort that good sad ah, there is no really good-looking shots inside and outside of people do?]
  [Showbiz is still there, the lens is not so good-looking, but it is also nice]
  [Artists in the life of ordinary people thrown a few blocks pretty good]
  After you’ve seen [sprites Jurchen, you will know what is really good-looking]
  [Yes, the lens shoot out little fairy half as good as her own good-looking]
  [It seems fairies teammates could not help but come out]
  [23333, fairies say that after our teammates, teammates to spread the word]
  [Cute call ah, I want to be the fairy teammate]
  [In reality wanted to meet the fairies is simply impossible]
  Online commented that the excitement, the audience back lines are also very attentive.When is a break for a little while.
  Laugh when land seventy-one Look at the reviews to see, Lusi, handing me the phone, land that is home seventy-one

  Moreover, Taiwan has adopted a more open attitude toward capital into the United States, after all, Uncle Sam, but it’s a good father.And Orient Semiconductor But a pure American company headquartered in Silicon Valley, pay taxes to the US government.Li Xuan not worried about Dongfang Electronics to invest there, it would be too much interference.Even if there is interference might also have to find the US government to come forward, those of Li Xuan political contributions is not white flowers.

Hong Kong Land Chapter 204 (revised)

  Zheng Danrui standing in front of a mirror lounge, finally finishing a lot of their appearance, and then deeply spit on, the firm turned out.Today ATV is a new file current affairs talk show “Qiang Qiang” the first phase of the recording, but also the first time he walked onto the stage from behind the scenes, to show their style when the five million people of Hong Kong, we can only succeed without fail!
  ATV recent action continued more than six months, a series of launch of several new show with resounding success, the weight of competitors TVB breath.The “Qiang Qiang” is the ATV again focused on creating a new section file.This file column has become even more than the ATV signs show “Who can become a millionaire” more attention by television executives.
  Ms. Zhou Liang Shuyi, president of television not only himself as chief planner, and even less has been chairman of Mr. Huang Xi micromanage the affairs of the church also has participated in the discussion of program design.Original Taiwan, where several alternative host for the delineation of the column, said to have been behind the big boss himself shot.Finally, ATV is the first time to an internal competition, all talented, self-confident to show their staff walked in front of the camera can apply campaign

  But do not call him, who knew you could call it?
  ”Hey, Uncle Qin, sorry to bother.One thing that I feel the need to let you know soon.”

  ☆, the ghost

  Yan Suxin in front of black cloth was off when the destination has to.
  Other people might be expected, not their own and together, she listened and occasionally pass out of the window came the sound of chirping birds, insects, and on where you are probably already guess.
  Unfortunately, too many scenic protection zone, the truck in all directions surrounding this empire has her sense of direction has always been good, even with speculation, do not know where he is, and not to mention the outside world.
  ”You think this is where?After “Yang night gave orders to her in front of black cloth win, sitting not far from observing her face.
  He was watching Yan Suxin, who are watching him.
  There should be a small abandoned factory, line of sight, a total of two people, one of which is just off the black cloth of the big guy, the other is talking Yang night.
  His appearance is very common, sound is also very common, but Yan Suxin just think, this person should

  Her eyes look on the bright, “Do you want to return yet?!”
  He smiled silently “ah next month.”
  Sheng Qiao almost jumped up screaming, lying in bed almost two feet kicked up, “I have to crank up late!”
  Hum hum can finally end this painful love the exotic.
  Horch waiting for her excitement is over, it went on before, “Director Wang mentioned to me years later to bring the show to gold as the ginseng festival award, will give you a nomination for Best Actress.”
  Sheng Joe just think of the group log sister joke, repeatedly shook his head, “No, no, I will not do!”
  ”Just nominations.”He laughed,” Not necessarily could get, do not pressure.”
  Sheng Joe was a little relieved, asked him, “You will come back to shoot a movie Wang Dao yet?”
  He nodded “for the next trip, probably on into the group after New Year.”
  Once filming began, it estimates very busy, Sheng Joe counting down calculated that there are more than three months from the time the New Year, then they also can meet almost two months, hoping that time neither of They will be too busy.
  She finally understand why a lot of the circle of lovers break up, the reasons are together far more than the.In this way a few months old at six months are not together, not break up the strange.
  Woo, she will one day be Horch with the same reason for the breakup ah?
  Horch at the other end to see her forget

Ginger Peach directly down from the kang, Yan Shi pointed nose scolded: “Do not think I do not know how you’re behind schedule I, to say nothing bad all day, you do not look at what you are born Ni Tuizi , I also dare ratio?!”
Yan Shi Nu Ji anti-laugh: “That is what you came ah?What a background like me do not you married into the cow house?He became a Ni Tuizi?Your sister to marry well, that’s good your sister’s life, there are fart with your relationship, really I thought he was not a Pretty Woman became a princess?Nor fear of being ridiculed!”
Ginger Peach chest dramatic ups and downs, Jiang Jiang Chu Chu, Chu is ginger!It seems everyone wants to tell her that she was as good as Jiang Chu, Chu Jiang’s lucky she did not, in this life can only humble!Can clearly sisters, life can be worse off?
Ginger Peach sneer: “Then I’ll let you see me in the end there is no such lucky!”
Then, it suddenly hit in the past directed at the table.

Chapter 167 I take you as a wife, but you take me as a brother?

This ginger peach hit, direct hit on the belly

  Pan a new look back, almost did not vomit blood, this time you fell asleep Nima?
  ”Grass, Lie to me you wake up!”
  In a new PAN tore big and strong when the heart Yu Mo got away, and he was snubbed.
  Pan a new action leaves all fall into the white and the eyes of Jin Mo, Mo laugh laughter of Kam.
  ”Ha ha ha ha, you did not see that this is really a new Pan a tease than.”
  Pan a new teeth, pumping a slap in the face Dazhuang.
  Snapped, Zhuang finally wake up, react quickly to stand up seat.
  Pan immediately reveal a new look courtesy of a gentleman, with a smile.
  ”Yu mind, here are location.”

Chapter 182 will know that you have adultery

  Pan a new look to this how many false fake, just the kind of disgusting fake.
  Mo heart Yu frowned, the position of the car is really running out, it does not seem to spare.
  This is a Pan Century Plaza has let out, if it does not also take some justified, but if the words sit.Really feel some nausea.
  Mo Yu heart is hesitant dilemma when Mo suddenly stood up and shouted Kam.
  ”Sister, there are location

Zhou Zhou before retreat into the spiritual matrix polymer, from Talisman stars out of secondary school, Xu Xu translucent body floating in the air, a pair of big round eyes blinked and looked at Ann Wei Zhen, opened his mouth, and some tough opening: “I want to stay in there long ah?”

His voice also milk and milk sound of gas, because not used to talking all the time and some off, if another ordinary girl here, estimated Zhou Zhou Meng also be a very tough battle, but unfortunately, here is the only safe Zhen.

An Wei Zhen completely calm at him, looking cool without a trace of emotion in general, “see you good luck.”

“Another is to look at my good fortune?”Zhou Zhou Du Qizui, facing Safety Only Zhen shouted,” I’m hungry.”

The CD contains Zhen threw an aura of jade pieces.

Zhou Zhou squinted, looked at general Siyu Yan Zhen Wei An, roll Sapo said: “I do not eat this, I want to eat good food.”

An Wei Zhen Zhou Zhou sit and watch is not very handy Caesar

  Yu Pei write, I wish to express [avoidant personality no good, they do not go forward, who can not pull you.]
  Write Zhangzi Xian, I would like to express [moths die easily.]
  I do not like to mess with the formula Longao days I’m going to destroy you and your family’s story, but I wrote the story, done wrong people will pay the price for their own choices.

Chapter 72
  Yu Ze place to go is with Donna to Beijing Amusement Park.
  Pure black supercar stopped at the open-air parking lot outside the amusement park on Donna from co-pilot to go down, curiously pink door amusement park.
  ”What we do here?”She asked..
  Yu Ze wear a mask, walked up to her to put on her hat and sweater.After he had her blond hair to hide, tightening hat on a hat with two ropes hanging in her chest, and he tied a shoelace bow, like Peugeot.
  ”what are you doing?”She muttered, cheeks dissatisfaction drum up.
  Yu Zela from her hand, and walked toward the door to an amusement park.
  Shortly after spring break, amusement park entrance no trace of popularity, Yu Ze holding her come to the ticket window, said: “The two pass.”
  Ticketing staff surprise

  Relied on height, Cheng Dong volley from behind, pulled out a small bottle of hand drunkard, puzzled and asked: “fast sleep, you drink so much?No, you do not brush your teeth yet?”
  XIA away guiltily holding her large milk glass, touched his nose, do not speak.
  Cheng winter to see her like this, increasingly feel strange, going to confiscate small alcoholic red wine Milk Cup.
  XIA away on the side to let him confiscated.
  Jiji grinding mill tugging back and forth for a long time, Cheng was a look of silent winter to thoroughly understand, she wanted her own drunk.
  ”Otherwise, how to do that thing.”XIA flushed away angrily,” Anyway, you want to turn on the lights, it is impossible.You want me to hold back not to cry, that is impossible!”
  Holding the girlfriend sleep?Cheng late winter, does not know how much fight to roll back in this sweet torment in the.Back and forth all crashed out midway.It is said the trick is to not worry about her crying, severely heart on the line.
  Cheng Dong think this is too difficult for him.
  But Cheng also wine winter still refused to XIA away: “This cup down, you do not five minutes

  Busy time, Xing evening she did not reply, did not feel anything, now busy working for a recall, it was found two days a lot of people have not talked to a.
  Got on a plane, before shutting down, and finally glanced at her cell phone, mobile phone or quiet.
  After ten hours, the plane landed.
  Middle turn a machine, it is a bit tired after the plane, but at the front of the beautiful city vibrant, but also very excited.
  To set a good hotel room, long micro Sim lay down their luggage, took out the charger to charge the phone, then boot.
  Boot music, mobile restore quiet, no unread messages.
  In addition to the ranks because she had no other women, so she lived alone room, luggage aside, she do not bother to clean up after Xu Xianglin knocking at the door, to see her lying in bed Tingshi, are not funny.
  ”They want to go to eat, you hungry?go together.”
  After dinner, it was suggested: “The district has about five hundred meters away from the bands here tonight, surrounded by many entertainment places you go or not?”
  Guys who are able-bodied,