Do you pay attention to details in your life? Can you tolerate a little sloppiness?? Sorry, these constellations are absolutely intolerable! Not only are they demanding of themselves, but also of others and the environment in which they live. A little bit of impropriety will make them go to great trouble to satisfy themselves.!   First place: Virgo is a typical perfectionist. His pursuit of perfection is almost stubborn and tends to give people a perfect impression.. They have super powers of observation. They always pay attention to things that others ignore when paying attention to details. They not only criticize others, but also are the most self-critical constellations. Moreover, Superlove is clean, demanding not only of itself, but also of their residence. If you go out and suddenly think of whether the door is locked, you will definitely return to your home to check again.!   Second place: Taurus Taurus is probably the most diligent of the twelve constellations? A typical robot cannot stop every day and will feel uncomfortable when it stops. And don’t like change is stubborn, decided that one thing is really ten cows can’t pull back. Every day, I have to clean the house outside inside, inside. The way to clean the house is to throw what should be thrown, not what should be thrown.! If Taurus and Virgo live together, it is simply a big play, watching who cleans up everyday.!   Third place is the following: Capricorn Capricorn is very strict with herself and the people around her. They have slight cleanliness and high personal and hygiene requirements. If the other person is not clean-loving, Capricorn will definitely feel uncomfortable and even want to stay away from the other person, even in love. If the other person is not clean-loving, he will not even want to take care of himself or even ask for a breakup.. They are not radical people, but they are worried about many imperfect things. If they can think more about imperfection is actually a kind of perfection, many things will be easier to solve.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

[Background] backpackers, also known as ALICE, refers to carrying a backpack, alone or in small groups of people to make long-distance backpacking.Backpackers to those who like mountain climbing, hiking, adventure sports and other stimuli mainly aims to understand the world through travel, self-understanding, the ultimate challenge.According to the China Association of outdoor activities, beginning in 2007, Chinese backpackers to participate in various outdoor activities at an annual rate of 2 million increase, which more than 90% of urban young people under the age of 35.However, this hiking and adventure has a great risk, in just four years time ago, there have been 276 backpackers were killed for various reasons!Early April 2011, graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, South China University of Technology 25-year-old veteran backpackers Wei Yan, alone travel to Tibet.Wei Yan graduated from junior high school began to often travel alone, college is traveled half of China.Her independent and strong, rich travel experience in the domestic several well-known backpacker clubs are very influential.But since April 23, she suddenly lost contact with their families, no audio.A week later, his family alarm, attracted the attention of police Sichuan Yunnan provinces, have to deploy more police around looking for.Millions of users several major sites all networks, End of the World Forum and the China Network ALICE, backpackers build network, but also through various channels to help find.However, after more than a month, so that everyone has heard the shocking news: Wei Yan as early as April 26 killed on the!Our reporter multi-depth interviews, uncover the truth behind the scenes which shocked the country backpacker murder case, a senior backpackers looking for the sudden disappearance of all walks of life came the bad news April 25, 2011, who lives in Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, Li Jing to get up early in the morning after Wei Yan gave daughter sent a text message asking where she traveled to.Be a morning passed, Wei Yan did not return messages.Li Jing dialed her cell phone, but has been shut down tips.Li Jing feel uneasy, to comfort her husband Wei Mingjun said: Do not worry, No. 1 May as planned in relation to her back.People often travel to remote because of which, no cell phone signal, it is not possible to contact with the outside world.Li Jing This little relieved, she thought, her daughter in the tens of thousands of local backpackers, considered outstanding, should not cause accidents.Wei Yan Weiming Jun is the couple’s only child, was born in mid-October 1986.Wei Mingjun couple early run advertising companies, tens of millions of family property.But they do not spoil her daughter, but her efforts to cultivate self-reliance, dares daring spirit.Wei Yan junior high school graduation, summer vacation will go alone Guilin Tourism.After go to college, she went to every summer vacation travel.She also set up their own travel blog.In a blog post, she recorded her distress remember the 2008 trip in the mountains of Jilin Yanbian: At the time, she suddenly encountered a black bear attacks, dodge the rolling down a small hill, climb up and saw black bear is still not behind hot pursuit homes, scared her wits.She Jizhongshengzhi, flapping on the ground, motionless and play dead.Black bear catch up, sniffing at her for a long time, thinking she was dead, slowly leaving.This blog attracted hundreds of bloggers have thread, everyone praised her brave.July 2009, after graduating from the University of Wei Yan, Guangzhou, a foreign company hired her to do the translation.She may work only for three months, you can not stand complicated daily affairs and entertainment, travel resignation.Since then, she began working half tour half way of life, a time to travel a couple of months, come back to Guangzhou to find a new job.At the same time play, Wei Yan also adhere to the study, in addition to proficiency in English, she also studied French and Japanese, so very easy to find a job.By early 2011, Wei Yin’s footprints have been all over the Northeast, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Beijing and Shanghai-Hangzhou and other half of China.Early April 2011, she quit just did three months of foreign language teachers, the back of the pack again.This time, she traveled route is to fly to Kunming, Yunnan Diqing Prefecture go play, then walk and ride to Sichuan Ganzi, Qamdo to last from Ganzi, to Lhasa, the whole program period of one month.When she went out, Li Jing as usual again checking her luggage, and repeatedly told: come back early!Wei Yin arms around her mother’s neck, like a baby: Mom, whatever the outcome, I can be considered a veteran ‘backpacker’, they do not encounter 12 earthquake, I will come back safely!Wei Yan went out every day or two to make a phone call Li Jing, a massage or take snapshots, and many of her friends from her information updated in all network and a blog about her whereabouts.However, by May 1, Wei Yan still on schedule to go home, the phone has been shut down.Wei Mingjun couple hunch is not good, day to Haizhu District of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau police.Unable to determine where is Wei Yan positions, they were to Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet police the police.At the same time, Wei Yan’s relatives and friends and college classmates have adopted microblogging, all networks and various forums backpackers tracing information sent to netizens.After a network called ALICE Rye seen tracing information, Replies, said April 25 that he had met in 6740 and Wei Yan Rye House Inn near Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Deqin County flying Temple.After that, he watched Wei Yan to catch a red truck, moving to the Ganzi.After seeing a tracing information in Shenzhen ALICE, take the initiative to call Weiming Jun, said he was on the train to Yunnan met with Wei Yan, but he only played in Yunnan week returned to Shenzhen.4 26 morning, he worked with Wei Yan exchange text messages, Wei Yan said they were on their way.According to information provided by netizens, the police will eventually Wei Yan missing locked in place Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province.Police Derong, Xiangcheng, Daocheng, Batang other four county public security Bureau of Ganzi Prefecture Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment immediately coordination territory to find.June 24, Wei Yan disappearance breakthrough, a man named Wu Yi was arrested suspects.Sadly, Wei Yan as early as April 26 that he was killed!Trial, Wu Yi truthful account of the crime was simply unaware of the danger approaching girls miss about at 9:00 on April 26, a young girl carrying a big backpack into the Ganzi county northern suburb of glorification lark gas station.She is away from home more than 20 days of Wei Yan.According to information provided by users, after Wei Yan is Deqin County, Yunnan Diqing flying Temple play, take a big truck go Ganzi.The ride is Wei Yan in many years of travel in most often do.She has repeatedly told people: free ride to spend the least money, look at most of the scenery, encounter all sorts of people to experience the journey of novelty and fun!According to the police investigation later, Wei Yan car truck ride for free after she brought Derong, she intend to go and take a ride 120 kilometers away from Rongxian County of Ganzi Township.So she has come to the gas station next to lark along the road, ready to find a ride.At this point, gas station few cars, a motorcycle is fueling.Wei Yan walked straight up to the motorcycle before the Lord, smiled and said: Brother, what are you going to die?Motorcycle owners called Wu Yi.Faced with this strange girl, he slightly cramped answer: I’m going to Rural County, you doing anything?Wei Yan pleasantly surprised to open their eyes wide, said: Great, I’m going to Rural County!Would you let me free you sit down in your car?Wu Yi some are not happy, was about to refuse, but beheld her chest camera, then changed his mind and agreed.After riding a motorcycle, cheerful personality and initiative Wu Yi Wei Yan struck up a conversation.Wu Yi asked where she came from, where to go, Wei Yan are all answered.You go to Tibet?only you?Wu Yi little surprised.Wei Yan said excitedly: Yes, I go several times to Tibet.Perhaps as a way to pass the lonely, Wei Yan Wu Yi forever to tell their story when backpackers wonderful.Wu Yi she listens, the mind has begun thoughts churning 25-year-old Wu Yi Han Chinese, was born in rural Derong.Only primary school education, he gives by doing odd jobs for a living, you can only earn four to five hundred dollars per month.A year ago, he talked about a waitress at a local restaurant girlfriend, but his low income, has been looked down upon the woman’s family.His girlfriend’s father soon birthday, gifts of money he was worried about this.The same day, he was going to work things Contact Rural County.He’s a bad situation, I heart of the helpless, but seeing that huge backpack Wei Yan and her camera back bulging, he could not move the evil: the girl’s camera looks very high-grade, package there must also have a lot of money.If you get some money from her, you can not buy presents for his girlfriend’s father yet?The thought that he agreed to the request Wei Yan take a ride.Along the way, Wu Yi wondering where to start with robbery.But there have been vehicles to and from the road, he did not find a suitable opportunity.After the motorcycle pulled out over 30 kilometers, Wei Yan suddenly exclaimed: Brother, can not stop it?I would like to take a few photos Liugejinian.Wu Yi feel pleased, I thought, the opportunity to come!After Wei Yan jumped out, he went to the side of the road, facing the distant undulating hills excited to shoot non-stop.Wu Yi support a good motorcycle, I looked around, on both sides of the car just did not come.He stared at his back Wei Yan, his hands clenched fist, softly and slowly walked.At this point, his heart trembling, after all, he had not done anything illegal and criminal thing.To recommend the latest information sauna

I have family and neighbors together for many years a pair of flat Fanfan couple lived a lifetime.This life, happened to them very ordinary story.But there is one story was a bit unusual, this is the call between them is very special.Man called his woman, is always this one: Hey, deafness.Women call their own when a man is always this one: Hey, hard of hearing.In fact, until now, their ears are not deaf, it does not back.From their very young age, so they call each other.Who does not know the couple nickname particular reason, no one to ask, did not need to ask, I’m sure there is a secret, perhaps between husband and wife about the secret love it.Once, I went to their house, when I was young.Sick woman, a man gives a woman given medicines.The two white men crushed pills, put a teaspoon house.Then, the man carefully with a spoon to scoop out some hot water from a cup, blew gently on the mouth, lips and only then spoon slowly out into the woman, and said: Hey, deafness, be careful not to burn yourself.It was the first time I heard a man say to a woman feeding, deafness, this call sounds strange.Men go to work in the county tax office, a woman to teach in primary schools.It is said that when they were young, very trendy, no instructions from the say is negotiated.Also I heard that time, a man riding a bike often run around, where to go.But no matter where the men go, women followed the man to get there.People say that the two men crazy trouble.Crazy trouble two people finally come together.Married, got married, became our neighbor.I often hear their mantra.The man said: Hey, deafness, you do not move, this live, I come.Woman says: Hey, deaf, come here, this thing incense, you bite.One day, after work, when it is under heavy rain, thunder and lightning.Women know that men do not bring rain gear, she hastened to send a man to ride poncho.As a result, the Inland Revenue Department and the door no man.The guard said the man had left shortly.Woman quickly turned back to find her husband in a hurry all back in the running in the rain.However, she could not find any.As a result, a woman distracted, hit the roadside barrier and fell in the mud.Lying in a hospital bed, female talent know, the man went to the school to pick her up.They go in a different way, so no one saw who.The woman said, I was close to home, why should you take.Men laugh, did not speak.Woman hammer him hard, he said deliberately to.Fail to beat the man, he said: Today’s thunder too loud, I’m afraid you afraid.JiaoChen to a woman: You deaf.In fact, a woman fell and not heavy, but she deliberately not rely on them in bed.Came home from the hospital, a woman should wait on men, men do not get mad, carefully serve about, the woman has trouble enough, etc..After the neighbors know, to say, this couple.Then, it speaks a lot to the cooing.The couple had a child and a woman, were admitted to the university.After the children are older, and do not call them mom and dad, also a a deaf ear, and full of promise with an old married couple, smiling, like a blooming chrysanthemums.From spring to summer, from autumn to winter, the couple does not seem uttered a contradiction.Neighborhood mediation emotional entanglements cite examples of other people’s always this couple, they become a role model for all couples.Now, some old couple.Old woman legs some inconvenience, men bought an electric tricycle, where women go, men carrying her to go.When a man haircut, or let a woman manager.Barber just when the woman was a little more careful, because the man’s head from time to time longer fire knots, she was afraid of their own negligence, hair clippers met those of his pimple, hurting him.This couple, the man I called Wu Shu, the woman I called five aunt.Many years, many people are wondering why they cause so call each other.Among these, some hidden secret seductive.On several occasions, I went back home, five aunt would like to ask, but I eventually did not go.If I do go, Wusao certainly smiled, saying softly, in fact, nothing, I called deaf, hard of hearing he called the.Then, a look of happiness Wusao.

Years ago the mysterious disappearance of fishing Medusa No. sudden, there is a missing boat but looks thirty years of age had not changed sailors.They through time and space yet?Or is this all stems from the supernatural Bermuda Triangle area strange?Through time and space of a fishing vessel September 17, 2011, Canadian ports Snape, sitting in the command center of the attendant Charlie being carefully inspect the situation of the sea, suddenly, a mysterious fishing boat appeared in his line of sight.How is this going?Snape belong to the military port, is not allowed civilian vessels to dock, Charlie immediately send radio warnings, let fishing boats to stop for inspection.Surprisingly, it received no orders from Italy, still unhurried coming toward port.Charlie side of this fact to their superiors, while the increase in electronic magnification telescope, in order to see more clearly – oddly, this is the boats of the old fishing boat!Canvas dilapidated, covered with moss words of the left side of the ship, Medusa numbers can still be seen.More surprising is the fishing boat seems to have lost momentum, the crowd coming toward Snape port.Charlie is a veteran of many years on duty at sea, but this self-floating unmanned boat was the first time they see.Soon, two police boats out of the harbor, to gradually drift near Medusa surrounded No..Charlie and jumped into the water police boats, careful search.And no prohibited items on board, but the operating table covered with dust and cobwebs, engine fuel tank also had dried up, and even tubing and wiring have been rusty, clearly there for decades no one used the.Such an almost scrapped ship, neither power and unmanned, is how to port it to drift?Suddenly, two Marine Police searched the cabin at the bottom with startling discovery: there are people on board!It is alive!We surrounded them, the depth of the mystery man had fallen into a coma loaded onto the deck, carefully observed.This is about as big as a twenty-year-old young man, medium build, head injuries, who have a lot of blood.Charlie will quickly sent him to the rescue.Then, under the directives of superiors, Medusa number was dragged into a secret warehouse away from the dock.The next day, armed guards outside the warehouse is already three steps Kong, Buyi post.How an ordinary fishing boat caused such protection?Charlie Hudson inquire about the veteran navigator.Hudson already know the ins and outs of working out a yellowed log, above a record number Medusa has been folded a corner: April 4, 1978, sunny, original thirty years ago, when Snape port or civilian port.Medusa number from the port of departure, carrying a dozen crew and captain Reese fishing, oddly enough, row boat about 800 nautical miles when the radio of a sudden, after Medusa just evaporated as the same number again there is no return, the crew is alive but no one is dead but not dead.According to meteorological department report, Medusa number of missing that day, the whole sea area weather is nice, you do not have storm.Medusa number so magically disappeared!But, no one thought today, thirty years later, the number was missing Medusa ghostly back, but also a living on board!They are coming through time and space do?Charlie frowned: crossing?I do not believe that there are such absurd things!No, it’s true!Hudson said that Captain Reese and I are good friends, you look at the signature page of this log, they set sail that day, I did record navigation!Also, in my mind, ‘Medusa No’ side of the ship where there is a hanging cable?Shaped scratches, and now it still scratches, just as clear years ago!Hudson certainly look to see, Charlie also some shaken, he could not help but ask: When the ‘Medusa’ number in which ocean is missing?Hudson’s face appeared a look of horror: the Bermuda Triangle Sea.A mysterious sailor reproduce while in Medusa No. conduct a comprehensive inspection, the Canadian Federal Police also sent a detective to investigate the Romon and Stephen mystery.Romon rich experience, repeatedly breaking mystery, and Stephen is very familiar with the Canadian offshore area, also visited the Bermuda Triangle waters and escaped navigators, they were asked in the shortest time seized the truth.Romon and Stephen has inspected the secret warehouse ghost ship Medusa numbers, and carefully photographed each cabin, sampling.After scanning the computer analysis and comparison, they concluded that: The ship really is thirty-three years ago, missing Medusa No.!Why is it then suddenly disappeared, and now is how arise?It’s been abducted by aliens, or back through time and space it?Now, the only way to solve the mystery of that is down from the ship that rescued young, but he still unconscious, and Stephen Romon closely watching his every.A week later, Luo Meng received the news, the patient regained consciousness, he excitedly and Stephen drove straight to the hospital together.Patients were secretly placed in a single room, the room is outside specialized medical staff, corridor and rooms are arranged for guards.This is the name of the man claiming to be called Tony looks but more than 20 years old, pale skin, body twitching nervously, and Stephen saw Romon, he excitedly raised his upper body: I want to go home!Why you put me here?Look on his face was full of anger, there is also a peculiar words and vague Southern accent.Finally, Romon with cigarettes made trust the young man, he pretended not intend to ask Tony: What year is this, do you remember?Tony replies without hesitation: April 1978, April, I’m not sure how many days in a coma.We looked at each other, which is both surprising and yet people expected answers – Tony coma early in time, they have repeatedly checked his pile of belongings: a yellowed black and white photo of the year the United States Medusa numbers of all the crew of the photo, shooting time is indeed 30 years ago and the first person to the left of the photo, it is in front of Tony; one would have to stop using the old ID card, Romon people inquest after confirmation ID card is true; and Tony body, there are a few old version of the Canadian dollar bills, a waterproof watch, lighter, sexy girl pictures then, Tony said of his experience: Medusa No. sail soon encounter to the cod fish.Fishing boats at the same time enjoy fishing, but unknowingly into the Bermuda Triangle Sea.That evening, had clear skies suddenly darkened, then foggy, in time we surprised a moment of God, compass ship suddenly failed, when the lights off next time around, a strange shrill noise linger in the cabin, all people are headache, nausea.Tony was working bilge valve repair, this strange feeling made him see stars, a splitting headache, and soon fainted when he woke up, he had already here in the hospital.Tony’s too strange for words hard to believe, a few old items alone can not distinguish between true and false Tony.So, Romon men and devoting himself, and got Tony’s relatives and neighbors.They saw Tony, involuntarily screamed in unison say: He is Tony!Regardless of stature, looks, sounds, and even hairstyles are exactly thirty years ago!However, we also deeply puzzled, why so many years, he was not even the slightest change it?Subsequently, Romon letting relatives ask some details of his life: What is the name of his parents?What are the annual birthday gifts received?Three were moved to live somewhere?The front of this man speak no less!Two weeks later, Romon and Stephen Tony use every means test, the result remains: Today, this Tony is missing Tony thirty years ago.Even more than the blood of the year when Tony hospital birth record, but also exactly the same.Think of all sorts of mysterious legend of the Bermuda Triangle: the mysterious disappearance of aircraft and ships, UFOs infested, huge sea monster appeared Does the re-emergence of Medusa and Tony’s number, but also a science can not explain the mystery event?A sly scam two weeks later, without the slightest progress in the investigation, Romon also felt confused.That day, he’s still got Stephen, they both went quietly stay in the warehouse of Medusa aboard again.Fishing mottled rust, a look that is abandoned for many years, but why can Tony still young, yet no trace of aging?At this point, Stephen slipped his flashlight to go, turned out to be a small piece of green seaweed.In the light of a flashlight, this piece of seaweed even issued a faint fluorescence.Stephen heart of a dynamic, gently scrape algae, put into transparent bags.After testing that, it is called rabbit ears algae freshwater algae.Freshwater algae can not live in the sea, indicating Medusa numbers had been entering the freshwater zone.Fresh water?Seem to see a ray of light from darkness, Stephen strongly suppress their excitement, I checked the information and found that the distribution of scarce rabbit ears algae, grown only in South America freshwater islands near the equator, and according to the extent of corrosion of the hull number Medusa judgment, the ship stopped over at least two decades in the environment of high temperature and rainfall.Only grows in the vicinity of the islands of the South American equator rabbit ears algae, hot and rainy environment is every indication that this number Medusa thirty years has not docked in Bermuda waters belong to the boreal!Well, it’s after missing Bermuda, where it went?Romon eyes fell to the various islands near the equator in South America, sent immediately to inquire.To recommend the latest information sauna

This year 32-year-old Huang Tsung, young, goat industry is a pivotal figure in Songzi.Goats brought him trouble, but also brought him wealth.His love-hate relationship of this industry, as he realized the wealth of breakthrough Yangyangdeyi.Big man small blog, as leader Huang Tsung Liu’s home in the market town of Songzi City, Hubei Province.Here rich vegetation, there has always been a traditional sheep.He was one year old, his father died, he began to live alone with mother.Mother by selling fruit to maintain the home, Huang Cong did not complete a primary school drop out.In order to reduce the family burden, less than 13 years old, he became a shepherd.Liu goat in town doing business circles, Huang Tsung is very special.A group of adults to do business, only Huang Cong was a child.Everyone think he certainly is not doing something, but Huang Cong, but has its own advantages: people eat bitter, he ate up; others do not want to do live, he is willing to do.Long way adults do not want to go too much trouble, and he was willing to run; people feel great disdain a few sheep, he is willing to close.So, just five years, Huang Tsung traveled almost all farmers home town.In the process, he carefully accumulated a lot of information, which has a mountainous area farmer sheep, sheep raising someone well, he can sell at high prices on the clear.As for many years the goat trading broker is also riding a motorcycle around the sheep to close when the original humble Huang Cong, has become a leader, became the first local to buy a small truck on the surrounding towns received sheep people.This year, he was 21 years old.Love, bid farewell to the Bank in the countryside, a 21-year-old is talk of marriage age,.At that time the conditions Cong Huang family in the village has been the best, but could not find a girlfriend.Once, relatives introduced him to a girlfriend, he was excited appointment.They also had very good talk, but when the other person know that he is doing after the sale goat spot cheeky embarrassed, go back never had contact with him.Since then, Huang Tsung several intimate experience, he rejected also the same reason, do not want to find each other goats trading.He did not think, in the eyes of outsiders, do their own turned out to be dirty and tired is not a stable job.In order to get love, Huang Tsung had to abandon the sale of goats brought him wealth, vowed never to quit this line.Later, he went to work in a factory down.By chance, he set down four old machine factory.Four years later, he earned more than one million yuan, holding the savings of migrant workers in the village built a new house, got married.He became the envy of everyone in the village is Fengfengguangguang figures.Return to prostitution, difficulties in 2008, he bought four large trucks run transport.Engaged in the transportation industry may in the process, one found him again attracted the goat, so he picked up the man who upset industry.That day, Huang Tsung chat with a few friends from overseas and found that they never forget to Liu town mountain farm lamb, and to find out where he can buy.At first, Huang Tsung did not really care, but those who ask much, he could not stop the excitement of the heart, he decided to abandon the transport business, continue to deal with the sheep.Friends feel surprised, I did not think he has to regain the old industry, which is really hard to understand.Huang Tsung despite opposition from family and friends, rented by the village government 4 acres of wasteland at a price of $ 60,000, spent more than 30 million to build the two can be standardized breeding sheep goats 1000.Taking into account the aging of the local goat breeds, breeding cycle is long, the meat is low and other defects, he specifically to spend 140,000 yuan to a sheep farm in Shandong introduction of purebred Boer goats.After carefully kept more than 10 months, Huang Tsung more than 300 sheep to slaughter finally.He thought his past experience, will be able to slaughter a sheep to contact merchants used to know to buy, did not expect many former merchants do not.Finally, most of the sheep he sold to Hunan.Did not sell the sheep, his ingenuity processed into finished products bacon.Bold innovation, this is a bittersweet counterparts upset, but let Huang Tsung again big harvest.At that time, he found a Songzi City specialty store, to sell their products.The owner quickly agreed, because such smoked meat on the market is the lack of.It’s different from the north smoked, chop later put some pepper, ginger, garlic, and cook it with boiling water, a delicious, very popular with consumers.Calculated the cost, deep processing of high profits, let him excited.So he win, set about establishing their own industrial chain, include plant breeding, food processing plants and slaughterhouses.With years of experience, he believed that feed the sheep is not as sheep traders, it is better to kill the sheep traders sheep, killing sheep is not as engaged in the processing of.The end of 2010, Huang Cong began construction at the foot of contract.But this time his savings left with less than 20 million, for which he owed more than 50 million of debt.During construction, all his thoughts flutter in the construction site, do not take into account the culture of this piece, resulting in sheep diseased, dead, great loss.April 2011, Huang Tsung slaughter plant was finally built.But this time, there are not many farms can for his goat processing.No sheep, how processed products, when the money owed to repay foreign debt plant it?No way, Huang Tsung can only go to a local farmer family received the first sheep to do the processing point, but in the process of collection of sheep, the sheep he found the town not only less and less, but the quality is not good sheep, can very few achieve their own goat slaughter and processing standards.After some thought, he made a bold decision: the establishment of cooperatives, hoping to integrate the resources of local sheep.This will not only regulate the market, so farmers earn money, while ensuring their own processing plants supply.In those days, Huang Tsung put all the time spent on visits to farmers, because most farmers farming in the mountains, in some places not even open to traffic, he would walk.Hard work pays off in the yellow Cong efforts, there have been more than 170 farmers joined the cooperative.Cooperatives not only provided free of charge to sheep farmers, updates breeding species.It also established a trading platform.Huangcong Li with their own resources run transport links to many foreign businessmen to buy sheep cooperatives.No worries about the sheep market, greatly enhance the enthusiasm of farmers.Only half a year, the scale of farming cooperatives to develop only from a few thousand to more than 30,000 only.Huang Cong his income this year is expected to more than 8 million yuan.After several twists and turns, bold but cautious Huang Cong, and goats adjourned to the front, finally Yangyangdeyi to recommend the latest information sauna

I especially like Susie looks at the table, no matter what the cards in his hand, both leisurely.He stood in front of a straight flush of hearts, knocking the last cards with a clean finger.Susie said: I want to see this cards, we should take the money.Laoxing first vent the fight, he said: Well, I do not play.Small Bi also deducted cards say: I have to leave home to taxi money.Only my pride and patted bill saying: Look all you worthless, I do not believe Zhang Hongtao A!Susie to my eyebrows, opened cards, circle away all the money on the table.Laoxing opened shutter doors, sun shine to a table full.Susie goes Hearts embraced a shallow light.We are a foreign trade company personnel overseas offices, attendance four people, habitually play Friday night card, then go to the corner of the restaurant to eat morning tea.I stood in the doorway, trying to breathe, Laoxing came from the back, patted my shoulder and said: Hey, you are the woman, not afraid of staying up late ah old fast.I shrug and say: Well old fast, save to let you guys thinking about satyr.Small Bi ran out from the toilet, yelling and said: Susie That kid does?How did the?No way?I looked back at the house, said he was here just the money it.Laoxing said: He will not be afraid to treat, run their own right!I was surprised to say: how could it?We stood in the doorway, he did not see how?Laoxing is always a head, waved generous, he said: Well, do not control him.Today I call it.It was seven-thirty in the morning, I checked all the doors and windows of the house three offices, locked the shutter doors.I did not see Susie, did not see him leave.Half past three pm, and I Laoxing police received a phone, called back to the office.Susie finally appeared disappearing, but he was dead.Small Bi came back for something, only to find him, upright, naked and lying on the poker table.Small Bi saw me and Laoxing, yelling to say: Hey, Susie was killed.Laoxing efforts Nuzui to the table, he said: I bet you do?They are placed in there!Susie died shape is very strange, lying naked, only one block A of hearts in the private part.His skin is thin and white, with blood on his neck purple Shiban.Small eyes Zhao police officer said: This is what the ah imitation?Adam, or Eve?According to forensic corpse speculated that Susie should die in five hours ago, very violent way, tapped broken Hougu.The die terrible, people will not immediately die, to be endured stinging a little bit of suffocation.Zhao police officer also was surprised, he said: This is a professional way, not practiced martial simply will not do.His voice faded, and I look to kick off Laoxing small Bi, he is our office the only people who practiced Sanda.Bi little surprised, staring eyes and said: I see why?My two erupted, where professional enough.Besides, five hours ago, I went to the sauna baths, a pool of witnesses it!So with his head, Laoxing also quickly spread hand and said: ah, five hours ago, I accompany my wife shopping, a pedestrian street of witnesses.Two of them quickly to push yourself clean, I can not fall behind and said: I am sleeping beauty sleep in the SPA, massage therapists can prove.Besides I lock hose power than a martial arts film, I said that I certainly do not come.Zhao police officer with his little eyes in front of the three of us looked around, said: What are you anxious?I did not say that you ah!To know why the killer undressed the deceased put a card you?According to statistics, eighty percent of the dead murderer to pose, in fact, in the form of fancy, hide the evidence.I guess the dead man’s clothes must leave something of the murderer, the murderer would take off his clothes destroyed.Susie Zhao police officer picked up the body of that card, exceptionally quiet tone, so that with this card go for his clothes who is the prime suspect.Is not this nonsensical?Not a murderer off of, Is there anyone?Zhao police officers face black face and asked: What do you look for anyone who is in this locker?Then, he went to a yellow lockers before, it is clear that the door has been opened people’s Identification Bureau.Small Bi stammered, and said: It is my, how the?Zhao officer slowly open the door, which exposed the laundry bag full.That’s what Susie’s.The original police officer Zhao remarks nonsense, here waiting.Small Bi could not help but scream: This is someone set me up!If Susie is small Bi killed, I absolutely believe.Not long ago, small Bi took great strength to pull new customers, and Susie was robbed.For this, they had a fight, and ultimately I did mediator.Laoxing in the side of the tongue, smacking his lips, leadership style on both ends: small Bi ah, you may do so wrong.Bi can be a little anxious, cried out: hey, Laoxing, how you say these words, you want to harm me ah Kill.At this time, the police took the clothes out of the locker room full immediately filled with a wave of faint scent.Scent is emitted from the pocket to the.The original, which has a beautiful transparent perfume bottle, unfortunately broken.Bottle hangs a heart-shaped paper sign, above a row of clean handwriting that read: my favorite small US.Little America the Beautiful full name is Xu is my.Small hidden gems like Bi like suddenly pointed at me and said: I expose, she and Susie had an affair.Later, she went to kick the Pan Gaozhi Susie, but Susie for her ton of bricks, hold it down.You little nonsense!Is not not do it?I am not saying this, but Laoxing, quite aggressive tone.His posture admitting their guilt, Zhao police officers listen to the music.He said: You are Miss Xu of the high branches of it?You’re not married yet?Small Bi was right, I dropped Susie, do a small three Laoxing.After all, he is the manager, for my future career prospects and the future of great benefit.But this time was traced to the insider, the time it does not, fix would get into trouble.I busy myself in the side to distance themselves say: Hey Hey, how can I hand that effort, he can pinch broken throat?That’s not necessarily ah!Zhao police officer said as he took evidence II.It was a silver metal wrench, the jaws of the package with soft cloth, cloth you know why?Because the only way to not scratch the surface of the skin, causing the illusion of hand attack.That and I have anything to do?I do not consciously improve the tone.Zhao police officer pointed to wrench the metal handle, he said: This is my colleague found in the bushes outside the window, despite the fingerprint has been cleaned off, but we found a few pieces of nail polish.Small Bi schadenfreude aside to say: it is pink!I subconsciously rubbing his pink nail polish hands in his pockets.Zhao police officer but glanced said: What possession possession?Collected samples, of a test, I know that is not the!wrong!I suddenly cried, Susie is not a three-point half-dead yet?We all have an alibi ah!I like this a reminder, Laoxing and small Bi are to the spirit.But at the side of Forensic said: Susie is not necessarily a three-point half-dead.You carefully look at the perfume bottle, to crack from the point of view, it is not crowded crack, is the cracking of.Big summer, but where such a low temperature?This only shows that the bodies after refrigeration, delayed corruption.If so you figure it, plus at least three hours.Bi looked back at the small sample release inventory freezer, sit there straight fingers forget for a long time, said: That’s seven o’clock half-dead.We have just finished cards.I looked at Laoxing said: Susie is at that time disappeared ah.At that time, alone and Susie had only Laoxing’s you!Laoxing anger, he looked at me, his face angry.He probably felt that since I had an affair with him, and he stood aside in respect of.However, all this to the children, and who Guan Dele who?Besides, I occupied the face of a cheap, I do not want to give the man’s birthright, I had the opportunity sullied, why not splash?So I quickly arranged to existing conditions at hand for a moment, as Laoxing compile a very high credibility story.I cleared his throat and said: I think of it, kick down the card, I stood in the doorway breathable, small Bi in the toilet, Susie at the table to count the money, you must be at this time I hurt him, put his body hid freezer.On the one hand you do not want to let us mistakenly think Susie invited him to dinner, secretly ran; on the other hand the bodies in the freezer, delaying the corruption of time, so you can not find proof of the presence of.And you after we separated and went back to the field office layout.You must be stealing my nail polish, she came up with debris scattered on the wrench.In fact, think about it, it has a stupid murderer?The weapon lost in the window, or the clots of blood hidden in his locker, unless someone is deliberately set me up and small Bi!Laoxing was dancing feet angrily said: Your dead woman, I dare harm nonsense.I have no reason to kill him?Of course you have!I screamed, Susie told me that you forced him to sign false contracts, corruption millions.Now the head office to send someone to check, you are afraid Susie reveal your secrets, so kill him to silence, let him be your scapegoat!Laoxing stammered: You talk about the evidence you speak!At that moment, I suddenly stunned, because I really thought the evidence, if the evidence is in Laoxing body, it shows that I said nonsense, all true.I was staring Laoxing face, he said: money, you old miser.Susie did not pocket the money we lost him last night, you said where the money went?Laoxing’s face changed color.And I pointed to the bag in his hand, said: that after you kill to hand the money away!Alas, one by one, you will not have time to put our fingerprints polish it!Zhao police officers listened to my colleague’s instigation, surrounded them and grabbed the hands of the bag Laoxing.He shouted themselves hoarse: he is to me, you can not say that with this I killed a man!Laoxing’s purses, there are two boxes of Chinese cigarettes, a Zippo lighters, a pair of white gloves and 3200 yuan in cash.This time, police officers Zhao spoke, he picked up the dubious Hearts A said: This surnamed Su, often win your money now?Because this card is special, is out of thousands using the card, the back can be an invisible mark.He carefully picked up Laoxing white gloves, if you put this card is empty-handed when, in fact, no big deal, you also played the deck, fingerprints can not explain what.However, if you try to be smart, wearing gloves touched this card, you will be worse.Because it will start sticking tiny silk fabric sleeve, as long as our colleagues in the back than on the Identification Bureau, they would truth.We ask you to go back and visit it.Laoxing surprised a moment, suddenly cried out: wrong ah, I was innocent, that’s not my gloves!Three months later, I was promoted to manager of the head office, sitting position Laoxing.Laoxing constantly appeal has always been upheld, because the Identification Bureau really goes on in the hearts armor, and he found a white silk fabric gloves texture exactly the same, no doubt has become irrefutable evidence.And about one evening this past summer, I unexpectedly received a letter that was commissioned by Susie panda slow delivery sent a Get It.I saw his familiar handwriting and clean – small United States, when you read this letter, I’m dead.I know this robbery obvious to go up.I signed up millions of false documents, but he ended up dead.So, I can not let go Laoxing, let him sit back and enjoy.In fact, I had already planned.After each small Bi card, will hold a toilet garbage belly, and you will always be up to the door in the sun.You stand in the sun look like, really beautiful.Normally, I would much appreciate, but this time I will use this time to win the money given to Laoxing.I took the opportunity to put a glove touched hearts in his bag.After that, I pushed him to chat with you, yourself hid freezers, etc. you left, then back to finish my program.Of course, I’m not in the freezer until the cracking perfume bottle come out, I just put it away wrapped in clothes Donglie.I have to do something idiotic little evidence to wronged you and Bi.I think you’re smart enough to make their own turnaround.So the police will believe you and it does not matter to this case small Bi.The hardest part, I use a wrench crushing his throat.Do not worry, this does not make me immediately die, I can also use the last effort, the weapon out of the window, covered himself goes Hearts A.Little America, in fact, my death, half is for you.Without Laoxing, you can finally be you know?I never blame you for some ridiculous interests and his mixed.Man-made financial dead birds for food, I have betrayed my own.However, you must remember, the way you stand in the sun, really beautiful.

His elegant, but a good heart; he was a low-key attitude of life, but the subject of attention; he was a silver spoon, but live on their own; because he pursued 100 Yoshitaka first, return to the family; though he is the industry’s new, but already formed their own insights cognitive and theoretical system.He is the Marshal China’s liquor industry, liquor hand easily intimidated, general manager of the top ten enterprises in Hubei rice flower Group Caikai Yun.Today, he is a unique concept and a war weapon, control the other side of the sail aboard the Hubei rice flower wine ten billion aircraft carrier toward large enterprises.Return to his father in mid-1972, Caikai Yun was born in Yichang, Hubei Longquan town Qinglongcun a future Wal-Mart prominent family.His father Tsai Hong-post from three three-cylinder started, the creation of today’s large-scale industrial enterprises in China, Chinese liquor top ten enterprises, state-level agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises – Hubei rice flower Group.On the ground, Tsai described as wealthy, known far and wide.However, such is born in a wealthy family Caikai Yun, but believe eat their own bread, their sweat flow, dependent on the weather reliably by ancestors, not a hero’s motto, he would not sit back in the shade of their parents, he embarked on a and father very different way of doing business – to study, apply for civil servants.In the local Procuratorate, Caikai Yun worked until 2006.Prompting Caikai Yun back Daohuaxiang Although many factors, which when pushed primacy of filial piety.In 2001, his father Tsai Hong-column seriously ill in hospital, rumors on a social time, banks have divestment, businesses wait and see, fears among staff.Fortunately father Heaven helps a good man, and finally to defeat the strong will hemiplegia, stood up again, this turn the tide in both the fall.It touches on Caikai Yun Tsai Hong-pillar and are great.Tsai Hong-column keenly aware that the succession issue related to long-term stability and sustainable development of rice flower, if not handled properly, it is possible to make rice flower again leaderless, a mess of the situation.For this reason, he thought of his son.Caikai Yun also lost in thought: not pro-peace, not man; not in accord with the pro, not for the child.Footer ill father to the rice flower is still run around, he is an only child not in his side, then there will be who is going to feel bad father, to help his father to catch a force?Procuratorate work, of course, be able to obtain their own independent Qingyu, but the glory of the family who will carry forward the cause of his father’s life who is passing the torch run?Have to say, the impact is enormous Caikai Yun father, the father of the cause, ideal firm attachment of pain difficult courageous, to remain for the benefit of society, so Caikai Yun great admiration.After careful consideration, in 2006, Caikai Yun finally came to the rice flower, he returned to his father’s side.Chiaki family heritage industry and the father of air swallowing rivers, different large-scale cooperation in the heroic style, Caikai Yun show is a typical teenager discreet, calm and reserved, sensitive to things and cautious in speech qualities of character.Which is why, at first some people even suspect that Caikai Yun can inherit the mantle of his father, the rice flower flourish.However, later proved these fears are completely unnecessary, Caikai Yun with their own practical action gradually dispelled all doubts about his.Caikai Yun back to the first leg of rice flower work is assistant to the chairman, he followed his father to get to know the external partners and dealers at all levels, internal contact with the staff of various departments, understand the business, familiar with the situation.With experience in the Procuratorate of hard work, careful, intelligent, Caikai Yun and improve their overall capacity and quality, and soon won a high-level group of recognition, but also by the support staff.In 2007, Caikai Yun, deputy general manager part-time rice flower wine, liquor companies magnificent development practice to provide him with a better platform for learning opportunities and exercise.He participated in the development of the company’s annual plan, large-scale promotional planning and the management system, the company management increasingly standardized procedures and scientific; his steadfast implementation of market development strategies chairman Tsai Hong-column, on the one hand the front line market research, vigorously promote the marketing staff and customer service stars of the market, strengthen executive power, on the other hand efforts to expand sales channels and marketing network, further highlighting the brand’s expansion rice flower power.As the saying goes, Gehangrugeshan, although Caikai Yun nurtured from childhood by his father at home, is no stranger to doing business, but really do it too hard, daily operation and management need to confront and solve the problem can be described as a multitude of things.In order to mature as quickly as possible, he often burn the midnight oil, overtime, eagerly learn modern management concepts.Encounters do not understand, he even humbly ask employees to other officers.During the transition both bitter and tired, but calm Caikai Yun can withstand his catch-phrase is: eat, adversity, square man Exalted.2008 May 17 to 19, famous historical mission to China and the era of responsibility for the theme of the second liquor East China Forum held in West Lake, Caikai Yun delivered a forum entitled “calls liquor legislation, according to the law to achieve liquor products management; advocated a liquor-based, development of circular economy “an important speech.His long-term perspective, combined with industry trends and rice flower pattern for the future development direction of liquor were discussed, has been highly praised in conjunction with the people and experts and scholars.At the same time, he suggested that the state has adopted the national liquor Dafa as soon as possible, he believes the legislation is to ensure that the system is the first step in the healthy development of the liquor industry, and the law, violators are prosecuted, but also China’s liquor industry, science, coordinated and sustainable development the only way out.Pay eventually return.March 31, 2009, at the Third Board of Secondary rice flower Group, Caikai Yun butterfly, gorgeous, rice flower Group successfully served as general manager, took over the baton rice flower this ten billion large enterprises.Continue beyond the mainstream of life should be indomitable self-obsession!Once the goal is established, it should be clung to a perseverance, no turning back, without hesitation, to go forward march toward the goal, so that life before the birth of the river flowing tolerance and style – Caikai Yun to have such a mind.Know yourself, design your own, constantly adjust their own, is a necessary step in life continue to achieve self-transcendence.Life is changing, the times are changing, also must constantly change.Under the general direction of a clear, continuing to explore and find their best position, continue to absorb and abandoned, the subject is a human life, which is summed up in Caikai Yun continuously explore the business success to victory.As one of the top ten liquor industry, rice flower influence in the industry can not be ignored, his successor, has a kind of character, temperament, white wine has a kind of understanding and views about the future, how about thinking and planning, which are undoubtedly outside the industry is very concerned about the topic.In this regard, Caikai Yun have their whole idea.In his father’s help, Caikai Yun will be refining their knowledge and experience, rising to the height of the theory, growth pole in the liquor industry development, respect means growth, long-term growth and so have formed their own theoretical system: First, the liquor industry new growth pole in the rural market.China has 800 million farmers, is the world’s largest consumer groups.For FMCG liquor industry, no matter what the factors are difficult or can not affect consumer demand for alcohol, we can say, Now is the activation of the rural consumer, the best strategic opportunity to start domestic demand in rural areas, rural start domestic demand may become a rescue medicine.Second, the liquor industry means new growth channels is infinite sink, implementation of the depth distribution.Under the economic crisis, to build a rural network is a unique opportunity.We need to turn their eyes to the rural market is full of opportunities, unlimited channel sink, to the implementation of the depth distribution, start rural consumption market.Depth distribution model on the one hand can minimize the company to develop a capital market risk; on the other hand, can mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers, the two sides form a real credit relationship, form communities of interest.Vendors must be a win-win thinking, develop core market dealers work together to create and establish a strategic marketing alliance partners integrity, this is undoubtedly the market building long-term stability of the law.Third, the basis of long-term growth of the liquor industry is to integrate the advantages of resources to achieve positive interaction.We want innovative marketing ideas, open wine e-commerce platform.With modern electronic technology and information tools based on the use of Internet expertise in information transfer and sharing of resources, cost savings, access to information, business management and other aspects play an active role.As e-commerce Yichang City Association, Caikai Yun know how for the market and open up the e-commerce market is to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation rare opportunity to re-shuffle.Caikai Yun accurately grasp the pulse of the times, the era of commercial operation ē have a deeper understanding.In addition to completing the strategic layout of the development of electronic commerce Yichang City, the rice flower Group for the application of e-commerce, he believes, liquor manufacturers have network infrastructure across the country, which provides a prerequisite for the establishment of e-commerce platform, as long as consumers in e-commerce platform scheduled commodities, will soon complete the delivery, directly to consumers.Under the leadership of Caikai Yun, rice flower Group has established a group within the office automation system, internal transmission of information companies more rapid, with his forward-looking vision for the large-scale e-commerce network platform is in full swing in preparation, a new network marketing ē network has been rolled out silently.To recommend the latest information sauna

In general, the words “show love and die fast” are used by single people, either out of envy or from sweet hurt.. However, in real life, it happened that there were so many lovely couples who really blew it off.. So you are still showing your love, will you suffer the curse of “die fast”? Let’s do a marriage test at once.. 1、. When you post photos of yourself and your lover traveling on WeChat, will you pay special attention to others’ praise???? Yes?? Not 2,. If you are lovelorn, will you pour out your feelings to your friends everywhere???? Meeting?? Not 3,. If you think your friend’s boyfriend is not well qualified, will you stop her relationship??? Meeting?? Not 4,. Can you stick to a relationship that no one likes???? cannot?? Ability 5,. When you start a new relationship, will you let your predecessor know on purpose???? Meeting?? Not 6,. Can you tolerate others pouring cold water under the photos of your show of love??  ?? cannot?? Ability 7,. Will a failed relationship leave you an indelible shadow for life???? Meeting?? Not 8,. Which of the following people do you least tolerate??? To rob a good friend or lover’s mistress?? People who like Crazy.Sex 9,. For unrealistic dreams of lovers, you will choose:?? Hit him?? Encourage him 10. Will you share your boudoir with your friends??? Meeting?? No.11. If you are unfortunately lovelorn, how long do you think it will take you at least to regain your strength???? Under one year?? More than a year 12, if accidentally derailed, do you think you have the ability to hide evidence of derailment?  ?? No?? There are 13, when your love meets the challenge of “the seven-year itch”, will you need help from your friends around you???? Meeting?? No 14, would you ask your lover to give you gifts on every special day???? Meeting?? No.15, do you think married life will be more boring than in love??? Yes?? Not A, Cursed Index The following contents: A My Love From The Star has a strong sense of self-protection, attaches great importance to his privacy, and will not reveal his emotional status to the people around him too much. Even if others specifically ask about it, you will not say it in great detail.. When you fall in love, happy you will not show your love frequently in front of people, but hide the sweetness in casual gestures, which makes people think infinitely.. In fact, low-key and conservative actions are more likely to leave endless reverie and make people want to know your true emotional state.. If you don’t want to arouse too much concern and greetings, then you should properly show the loving image of Michael Bu when he is with his lover.. How to Show Love Correctly: Don’t think too complicated about showing love. In fact, simple words can make people see your happiness.. B, Cursed Index The following contents: Two My Love From The Star are mature and stable, with high EQ, measured in doing things, and handled interpersonal relationships very well.When you fall into a sweet relationship, you can’t help sharing your feelings and want your friends to feel your joy.. In order to show your love without arousing other people’s antipathy, you who understand the ways of the world will use superb skills to show your happy love in front of your friends without making people feel uncomfortable.. Moreover, you have a good way of dealing with your own feelings. Even if you are lovelorn, it will not leave a negative impact on others. Therefore, you need not worry about being cursed for “showing your love and dying fast.”. How to Show Love Correctly The following contents: It is best not to show love casually in front of single friends, otherwise, no matter how good your skills are, it is easy to cause dissatisfaction from each other.. C. Cursed Index The following contents: Three stars, you are not confident enough, you care about others’ eyes very much, you regard love as an ornament of life, you can’t help showing your love and show of happiness on social networks, and you are afraid of being looked down on your life.. In fact, your heart is full of loneliness. Praise from others can only make you feel comfortable and happy for a moment.. In the face of emotional disappointments, you will try to hide the problem until there is no remedy.. As a result, others only see your love shining a flour, can’t see the crisis and cracks, once you fall into lovelorn, others will naturally think of “show love die fast” strange thing. How to show true love correctly: Don’t look at a single emotional life, basking in other advantages of yourself may arouse others’ imagination more.. D. Cursed Index The following contents: Panj Setareh, Desire, who has a flamboyant personality, a high profile, a good sense of self and a kind of performance hidden in his heart, hopes others can focus on you all the time. In social occasions, inside, in order to give people the impression of happiness, you always use different methods to show happiness and enjoy the envious eyes cast by others.. However, even the sweetest love will fade one day. Over-exaggeration will not only speed up the fading of the freshness of the love, but also make others mistake your love for losing vitality. Some even regard your love experience as a typical case of “show love dies fast.”. How to show the following contents correctly: to keep the mystery of one’s love, the irregular show of happiness can attract more attention and attention from others.. You may also like the following contents: Be prepared, your pursuers only need this time.? How many years is the best time to be apart from your lover?? I actually see Yan value! I finally lost it, but thank you for not choosing you? Have an ambiguous object? Don’t, first look at each other for you

A city, can be a little heavy history, and then can precipitate a little culture, this city is a blessing.For example Shuyang.Tan Son from the country two thousand years ago, when the county to the East China Sea before the Han, to the north of Huai Wen Zhou Jianqing six years to change the date Shuyang County, Shuyang left a lot of historical monuments and cultural heritage, in the years to stay flooded river in, and looking for people to pay their last respects.    However, there is a history of Forgetfulness.Especially after gone through the trials of war, and many once brag as indestructible construction, are likely to be wiped out in an instant, not to mention other?As for memory, there will always be blank when after all, is not easy to think of reduction.So, a city, if you really want to not be forgotten, also need to have such a place, you can record history, history can be reproduced.This place can be all-inclusive, involving all levels of society and political and economic history, such as museums; may also be a focus on a particular field, for professional-oriented exhibitions such as science museums, art galleries, etc..    However Shuyang has been the lack of such a place.Perhaps pace in recent years, excessive focus on economic development, Shuyang for the construction of culture is clearly far behind the urbanization process.A huge county, nearly two million people, not even a gentile like the art museum are not to say that this is a pity.Especially after the village was awarded the title of Chinese calligraphy in Shuyang, this regret has become increasingly concerned about the pain each Shuyang city’s cultural development of heart.Say the influence of a country, a city, in the final analysis depends on the cultural influence, however, on the economic development track speeding Shuyang, but because less steeped in culture, as if lost soul of this ancient city in northern Jiangsu.    Fortunately, he lost Shuyang eventually regained self.Years ago, I had the pleasure to invite Mr. Wang Hao Shuyang Museum’s first curator, art galleries Speaking operational soon, asked me to visit.All of a sudden heart can not help but jump for joy, reminding us of scenes a dream come true for many years.    As the county “second five” key cultural projects, but also the county government for the tangible things for the project, Shuyang Museum covers an area of 13 acres, a total construction area of 11,000 square meters, a total investment of 100 million yuan.Such a scale, the county art museum can be hard to find par.But I really like, is that the distinctive design.    I humbly believe a museum of design, if not fully demonstrated her artistry, the inevitable is a failed design.It is commendable that Shuyang art museum itself is a work of art.This order ink, paper, printed in black, white and red colors as a building element to build buildings, both were well looked heavy, see also elegant, its majestic, magnificent potential, just some outstanding works of art Art Nouveau reflect.It should be said, this is a Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements encounter in the long river of time, the designers in the architectural style fully absorbed form of Chinese painting and calligraphy pens, ink, paper, water, ink, India and other carriers, texture as a form of performance elements to the actual situation of Chinese painting and calligraphy, weight, density, composition relationship open and close, everything is like the layout of architectural space.This rather traditional Chinese-style layout and use of color, into the simple and stylish design language, this is the moment belongs to Art Space presents classical Chinese aesthetic Sentiment to.    Walk in this very traditional qualities of modern ethnic courtyard, Chinese-style taste of the roadway connecting different single building, the venue is still visible between the gurgling water, so that the whole building heavy and yet light and agile, and no shortage of dignified lively, if exposure to a huge volume of ink, ethereal and pleasant mood.    Best of all, when the number of YunTing.The main building is located in the red light hall, Yang visual blue sky, people achieve intimate contact with nature, return to life the most authentic state.During walking, way back here and be able to meet a number of like-minded persons, or ink brush, or warble Feng Song, though not Lanting repair Xi, but it can effect pipa, is also regarded as one of life’s great blessing.Alternatively, the designer beginning of the heart is to be seen as art galleries men of letters gathered here now?    Entering the galleries, look at the scenery is not the purpose of this trip.As a painting and calligraphy lovers, attracted me the most natural is on display in the exhibition hall of each painting and calligraphy works.By Jiangsu Shuyang Calligraphers Association and the People’s Government jointly organized the “Shu water Lanting.Chinese Calligraphy Lanting Award-winning book Invitation Exhibition “brings together members of the Bureau of Jiangsu Province Calligraphers Association, and the National Chinese Calligraphy Lanting Award-winning book house 123 masterpieces, real grass scribe seal, different style pen, excellent work atmosphere, a splendid sight.Fine chemicals slowly reward, each Danjue works or rigorous flying, sharp flying, or magnificent, Yi Qi chic.The creation, both follow the traditional brushwork, see also personal style, between dot-dash gives new meaning to the art of calligraphy, pen and ink Smart demonstrates the true meaning of art.    Chinese calligraphy has a reputation as a land of Shuyang, it can be described as well known for painting.Shuyang art museum featured some of the works on display from Shuyang membership of painting and calligraphy works donated to showcase creations Shuyang painter stage.Because often gains prizes in calligraphy Lanting Award, calligraphy even discovered the phenomenon of Shuyang Shuyang calligraphers’ works from not go into details.Painting alone, it is crafted meticulous, neat delicate, subtle at lucidity; God freehand places their appearance, mood pursuit, like in between is not focussed on the edge thereof like.Pieces of work, shape or color to plants, rare good feather, ink rhyme or mountains, Lam stream.Between admiration, a lot of people in front drawing heart in the middle picture pleasure.    Hovering in the hall, enjoy the unique charm of art, the whole ink Dan, who painted the exhibition style, cloud Zhang Fang Han, filling calligraphers effort.The tour comes to an end, my heart still feel something more to say, between the suddenly could not help feeling Heart: Tong Yang has a good point, Yake both hands Ying.Endure watching time go, Dan live alone.This has art galleries, Shuyang misfortune, Shuyang People’s misfortune.

Before coming to Jinan, Daming Lake lotus know, I think of one day to see them all.    Actually speaking misery, because I am a northerner, and traveled very little, so that an age yet to notice any witness lotus.So I came to Jinan, and my heart has long been the view of the planned Daming Lake charge.    The earliest to see the Daming Lake charge is early spring, the weather is still cold, reed friends actually took me to the pond.Standing alongside the water’s edge, we look to the flat wide surface of the water, white gas mixing, a vast.Some charge stalk water Cunxu high, dense stubble stubble covered with water, everywhere desolate.Reed said, so June and July you come, when the pond full of lotus open to all, and we go to the Netherlands and frog.    I did so too and, in May went up, and actually went twice interval.Beginning to see the “Lotus Just Buds” The Song poetic, across such a large green pond swing gently toss the water, open sporadically so several flower lotus leaf, a little money as.My heart was suddenly ecstasy.    When I turned to go second, lotus pond becomes large, changed much, a picture of soft lazily laying in the water, such as a disk-like light, but still a little more than water charge.After hanging around the pond, and looked around to look, I took a few pictures, full tours of the Lake of water, extremely disappointed away.    In June, I live in the south, side of the mountain door.Most south of dry land, no less Lake River, Xinfu impetuous impatient with, such as day and night side of the mountain wall.Thus, while people living in the south, the heart actually has Qiannian long for Daming Lake.Often think that the lake lotus pond full of it?Pond flowers open in the end it did not open?    Bitter wait until July, thought to myself, this time to go, and that Lotus must be open, then do not, oh, who do not season.Etc. Once over the quarter, but said that Lotus will drop down to the lake when the wind up to on a clean sweep, they can isolate remaining light pole, the petals are no.    In July, the rainy season came to Jinan City, outside days of rain, humid air abnormal human mind is also affected by the tide.Want to wait the storm, good pay close attention to see flowers, can not cooperate partial God, look within one week weather forecast actually have rain.So I picked out a rain stop gap, with the umbrella, they decided to go Daming Lake.    Rain temporarily away, shining through the clouds go, cast a cloud on the ground shadow line.Really rare to have such weather, heat is pressed down for the time being, one can enjoy the cool.    In the lake, there is a back-water pavilion, called “Yao pavilion”.In early spring, I worked with reeds sat there for a long time, do not speak to each other, people who are not looking at the trees sprout, silently guarding spring.Today, the reed-ridden affairs can not come, but there are a few visitors took the lead accounted for position, lying nap on a bench kiosk.I looked back, the phase of the edge of the woods lying in a large smooth stone, then sit there and eat something.When turned to look, there is a charge Youshou distant, misty smoke green, round leaves ManDangDang, the pond is full, it can be looked less than a flower, so a bit disappointed, I could not help but sigh.I thought, come early.    I did not look away charge, but that a write-up, straight forward walk along the water’s edge, a lower charge to see.This time a lotus pond, there are a few positive based crane enjoy playing in the water retort bright wings, crane around the leaves have a club to support them, they are high in elongation of the water, the pool is full of emerald leaves and tender in the middle of a few leaves have an unexpected charge stems sticking out, like a arm, holding the top of his head trembling slightly hanging a solitary white lotus, as big as a bowl, flowers have full bloom, petals white as snow.See this scene, reminiscent of the costume ladies, a white arm care raised a crystal clear lotus lamp.It felt, one word: United States.Since the days of thin overcast, sunlight retreat, leaves a full charge in a dark shadow in the deep, green water was gushing very deep, strong gratifying, that leaves just like a piece of jade disc.    Crane Crane pond is false, is vivid few stone.In May, while a bird standing on stilts above the water of the body, such as Cold Stone, head note for a long time, motionless, thinking that this time it will not lie to me, is a sculpture, but that the bird was suddenly in front of you screwed neck face, and then continue to practice qigong static.The human heart can not help but chuckle, thinking that this is really real ones, in order to really mess fake.That was actually one kind of transfixed pile head station of waterfowl.In July, waterfowl that they are nothing but flew away, one has not seen, maybe to where to go next generation of breeding base nest.    And then further to go, it is not far from a pond, pond bigger party than before.The Dutch regard the whole pond stature to pull together enough to actually how much one person, Zhang properly leaves are round stays in the air, constitute a ride, became a green tent, and indeed there are dozens of bars Zhuangzhuang pink buds spread out, quite out of the water from the leaf into the gap where their heads, like a pond full discussion of related, went so far as there is no flower blooming flowers.Look at those bud, you will think, much like cheering crowd of fists high above his head, the ears can only hear the cry of a sensitive poet to a pool of charge, which sounds noisy in a quiet scholar’s heart, and then like a Zhang leaves slowly surfaced.See this pond bearing human and sigh came early, and he kept to regret if a few days ago, a moment think they will have opened, Lotus Qin brain.It also seems to feel the full pond with a bud was killing savings potential, it is a full draw the bow string bang and then cut off the momentum of its potential sharp and startling.Although static scenes pleasant to the eye, may actually is a dynamic hidden.    Next to the mouth of the pond, pond flower finally opened, but there were only so thirty-five are cracked mouth to sing, but also a pool of pink lotus.Which has a flower fade, the rest of the branches of a lovely lotus, crooked neck, became a shower nozzle.    Finally, on one end of the pond to stop, through Long Beach, go to the pavilion, and then sat on the wind blowing Lake break open pond.This is the biggest party of the pond, lotus pond is full, no one can still bloom, no one Guduo stand, Mi hope is all-green leaves, that leaves too full, almost airtight, full pond water color disappeared.There are a few ups and downs dragonfly fly between the leaves, the body is black and white dragonfly A country has never seen before, very big, but they fly quite light and flexible.Hear frogs, frog has not seen the shadow, lying pond hook head to look, but not frogs, but I saw pond scum stains.Lake has a lot of cicadas, they see a little trace in stealth lush tall trees ahead, holding the world called creak wow, that sounds very loud, passionate summer tune suona.    Here, this place on the very feeling Jinan, dragonfly black and white body, there are gray magpie, which in my experience can be accumulated in both claim to be a new species.Also because there are Daming Lake, there are charges, I can not help but love the Jinan.